What Wet Cat Food is High in Protein and Low in Carbs?

What wet cat food is high in protein and low in carbs

Low-carb foods for cats usually contain a much lesser carbohydrate level compared to traditional dry cat foods and these often come in canned wet food. Since cats are obligate carnivores, they only need a very small amount of carbs in their diet, as well as a high percentage of protein. For instance, your cat will also be recommended a very low carbohydrate diet if he has diabetes. You might also want to try feeding your feline friend with a low-carb food to closely mimic their natural diet.

What Is a Low-Carb Diet for Cats?

Low-carb cat foods contain a very small percentage of carb. Some cat food manufacturers mention this in their label, while with other brands you can take a look at the breakdown of nutrients. Usually, what’s considered a low carbohydrate cat food is the one that has up to twelve percent of carbohydrate content.

Cat food carbs are often found as legumes, potatoes, and grains. These are most especially common in kibble or dry foods since starch is needed to bind the food together. While it’s true that cats can be able to digest them, they actually do not need them to thrive or stay healthy. 

Benefits of a Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Cat Food Diet

Aside from giving cats what exactly their body needs and wants to survive, a lot of benefits can come from high protein and low carb diet, for both non-diabetic and diabetic feline species. These are:

  • More energy
  • Reduced gastrointestinal distress
  • Lesser risk of chronic kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, FLUTD, as well as a wide variety of other serious feline illnesses
  • Reduced blood sugar levels and lower chance of diabetes in cats
  • Healthier overall
  • Potentially longer life

Now, most of these things may also be attributed to a particular diet that doesn’t include dry food. Since most dry foods need carbohydrates to bind into a dry kibble form, they are usually quite high in carb content, and dry food is usually the cause of most health issues we have mentioned above.

Should You Feed Your Cat Low Carb or Zero Carb Diet?

Typically, the lower the carbohydrate content of a cat’s diet, the better. As seen in most feline nutritional studies, cats can naturally get away with just a very small amount of carbohydrates, but most cat owners like to keep it under 10 to 12%. However, there are also vets who prescribe zero carb cat foods.

Important Features to Consider When Giving Your Cat Low-Carb Diet

Low-Carb foods for cats need to have some important features. Below, you will the most important things to consider when you choose the best low-carb diet for your feline friend.


Make sure to check the ingredients list of particular cat foods before you decide to purchase it for your cat. To give your cat a low level of carbs and a high level of protein, meat must be listed as the food’s first ingredient.

Fillers and By-Products

These ingredients actually have less nutritional value. Some cat food manufacturers add them in food just to bulk them out. Some things you should watch out for are corn, wheat, meat by-products, and ash.

Nutritional Analysis

Prior to buying a new brand of food for your cat, make sure you check the label first. A low-carb food should have a level of protein that goes about 50 to 60%, as well as carb content of up to 10 to 12%.


Common Questions About What Cat Food is Lown in Carbohydrates and High in Protein

What Percentage of a Cat’s Diet Should Be Protein?

Adult cats (1 to 6 years old) mostly need 35 to 40% protein. Generally, wet food has a much higher protein level than dry food. However, regardless of what your cat eats, there is a quick trick in order to see if the food of your cat is meeting the amount of protein his body requires.

Why Are Cats High in Protein Food?

Cats need high protein food. They need it for energy and protein production and to help maintain a healthy coat and skin. Aside from that, it is very important for your cat to have a high protein consumption in order to support his lean muscle mass. To make sure your cat is getting the right protein amount, always check the label and description of the cat food you’re giving him.

Should Cats Eat a High Protein Diet?

High protein diets for cats can help them lose weight, even though high protein doesn’t mean low-calorie level, and losing weight is more on meal portion control. However, if your cat is in the early stages of kidney disease, it is a great idea to begin finding a low-protein food that he or she will eat. If your cat has kidney disease, asking prescribed diet and medication from your vet is the best solution.


Low carb and high protein canned cat foods are often recommended by the experts due to its low carbohydrate content which means better control of weight for your feline friend, most especially for those lazier cats.

Aside from that, canned wet food products are often supplemented with much higher levels of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids and vitamins. Another vital reason why you need to feed your feline friend with canned wet foods is the fact that these have high moisture levels, which are important to lessen the risk of urinary tract infections.

What wet cat food is high in protein and low in carbs

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