Which Is Better, a Male or Female Ragdoll Cat?

Which is better a male or female Ragdoll cat?

When it comes to animals, there are often some stark temperamental differences between the male and female animals of a species. If you are looking for a lifelong companion, you will want to make sure that it will get along best with your lifestyle.

Whether or not a male or female ragdoll cat is going to be better for your situation is going to depend on what you want from your cat. Male ragdoll cats are both more outgoing but also more demanding, while female ragdoll cats tend to be more laid-back and mellow than the males.

What Makes Male and Female Ragdoll Cats Different?

For the most part male and female ragdoll cats are similar. They have a similar appearance, size, and temperament. They can easily be mistaken if you aren’t paying too much attention to them and what they are doing. The biggest difference is actually not the personality of the ragdoll cats, but their size.

Female ragdoll cats tend to be a fair bit smaller than the male counterparts, often coming in between 9 and 13 pounds. Male ragdoll cats tend to be closer to 14 to 20 pounds, and sometimes even exceeding 20 pounds if your cat is particularly large.

Their fur patterns and colors are going to be the same, without much difference between genders. Most cats that are littermates are actually going to have very similar coloring, which can make it easy to confuse your cats while you are still getting used to them.

As for potential behavioral issues, male cats (not just ragdoll cats) will have a tendency to spray more than females, even if they have been fixed. Female ragdoll cats are likely going to be the ones who try to get into smaller and more closed off spaces in the home, which is something to consider if you do not want your cat to be doing that.

These are some of the biggest differences that you will notice apart from the personality of the cat. With this knowledge male cats are going to be better for houses that can benefit from an energetic and active cat, but also have the resources to handle the stubbornness of these cats. Female cats will be better suited to people who simply want a feline companion to hold and cuddle.

The Different Personalities

There are going to be some major differences in the personalities of these cats depending on the gender. As a brief overlook, male ragdoll cats are more likely to bond with one person and are going to be more stubborn and energetic. Female ragdoll cats are more often family cats who enjoy being held and may not be as active as their male counterparts, though they can get into mischief in their own ways.

Both of these cats are going to be playful in their own right, but male cats have a tendency to be more energetic, playful, and mischievous. If you are looking for a cat that you can play games with, the male ragdoll cat is going to be the optimal choice for you.

Male ragdoll cats have a tendency to be incredibly stubborn though, so if you are adopting a ragdoll as a kitten, you are going to need to put some effort into making sure that you teach it the right ways to behave, otherwise you will be stuck with a cat who doesn’t want to do the right thing, no matter what you reward it.

By comparison, the female ragdoll cat is going to be quite a bit more mellow. It will be more laid back and it will be more affectionate in the sense of loving everyone in the family and not just one favorite person. Interestingly enough, female ragdoll cats tend to be far more active during dusk and night than their male counterparts are.

They are more agile and they are more inclined to try and get themselves into areas of the house where they may not be allowed. This could be climbing on the top shelves or on top of a door, or it could be underneath the cupboard and in other cramped areas.

When all is said and done, the male ragdoll cat is going to be best for people who want to have an affectionate and playful cat, while the female ragdoll cat is going to be best for people who simply want to have a companion to cuddle.

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How Does Fixing a Cat Affect its Personality?

Considering that most people will have their ragdoll cats fixed, it is important to consider how the procedure will change the cat’s behavior. It will generally reduce aggression and make the cat more inclined to be affectionate, and it may help with the male ragdoll cat’s stubborn streak.

What About Owning Multiple Ragdoll Cats?

It is always recommended that, if you are adopting more than one cat, that you adopt cats that come from the same litter. With that being said, considering that female cats tend to be more laid back and affectionate, it is going to be a better idea to adopt more of those. It will be especially important to fix the cats if you are buying multiple genders of ragdoll cat.

Which Gender Gets Along Best with Children?

If you are worried about the idea of your children being negatively affected by your new feline addition to the family, then you will want to opt to adopt a female ragdoll cat. These cats are far more mellow than the male counterpart, and even though they are both ragdoll cats, female cats are going to be much less demanding for personal attention.

Which is better a male or female Ragdoll cat?

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