Why does my cat attack me and no one else?

Let’s be honest, it’s a bit heartbreaking when our cats treat other people better than they treat us, their owners.  Has your cat ever attacked you but seems to be so chill around other people?  You’re not alone.

Some cat owners have observed that their cats will unexpectedly attack them out of nowhere – as if hunting them like a wild cat would hunt their prey.  Cat guardians would be minding their own business walking around the house when suddenly, a cat pounces on them and sink their tiny fangs and claws on their owner’s ankles.

When your cat does this, at the very least you’re left confused and concerned whether or not your cat is possessed or something, and at worse, you’re left bleeding.  Why exactly is your tiny little lovable fur ball suddenly so aggressive towards you, when they seem so calm around other people? 

Let’s look at some possible reasons.

They feel threatened.

It is important to remember that cats are both prey and predator.   This is why they’ve evolved to have amazingly sharp senses.  They’re built to notice every possible threat in their surroundings.  When they sense any sound, scent, object, person, or animal they deem too suspicious, their first instinct is to flee.  However, if they feel as if they are unable to escape the threat, they will defend themselves with their teeth and claws.

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Cats are also fairly territorial.  If they sense that another cat or animal is threatening their territories, they may act unpleasantly.

If you notice that your cat feels threatened, do not engage with them.  Let your cat cool down a bit before you approach them again.  As much as possible and as quickly as you can, remove the threat.

Maybe it’s not an attack.

There is such a thing as over petting your cat.  While your cat may really enjoy a good petting session, they may only tolerate it for a little bit.  When they get a bit overstimulated, cats will send out warning signs.  They’ll hiss, or even nibble at whomever is petting them.  This is why it’s important to pay a bit of attention when you pet your cats.

Another way to extend your cat’s tolerance to petting is to change it up a bit.  It’s suggested that cats get really annoyed by the repetitive motion of petting.

Another non-aggressive reason as to why your cat may be ‘attacking’ you is that they’re trying to say that they want to play with you.  Some cats are more rough than others when it comes to playing.  Train your cat to stop treating your hands as their own personal chew toy.  One of the best way to do this is to redirect their biting habits to an actual chew toy.

What should I do?

If you notice that your cat is suddenly acting really aggressive towards you, one of the things you should consider first is paying your vet a visit.  Some cats lash out because they are in pain.  It’s best to make sure that your cat is totally healthy.

At this time, please be patient with your cat.  Get to know your cat.  All cats send out warning signs before they attack – learn these signs so you are able to get yourself away from the attack zone before it happens.  Investigate why your cat is feeling upset and solve the problem as best as you can.

Common questions about cat attacks

Why do cats attack feet?

Cats are creatures of instinct, and their instincts tell them to chase things.  Cats are tiny little predators we’ve invited to live with us in our homes.  When they’re in the mood to hunt and they see your feet moving around, chances are, they’ll be so tempted to attack – and attack they will.

Be wary if you’re the type to wear fuzzy slippers that look like fluffy animals as those types are more appealing to cats.  Unfortunately, if your cat is extra eager, they may attack even your bare feet.  Best way to keep them calm around your feet is to regularly play with them so you drain their hunting energy. 

Which cat breeds are most likely to be aggressive?

Not counting wild cats, here are a few of the domestic cat breeds that are more likely to be aggressive and would require extra care and attention from their owners:

  • Sphynx. Sphynxes are very demanding cats.  While they won’t necessarily be dangerous pets, they can be very irritating when they don’t get their way.
  • Siamese. This breed is so popular for their beauty.  However, they’re known to bond primarily with only one person in the household.  They’re not known to be fond of children.
  • Singapura.  These cats have a tendency of being loners.  It’s not impossible for them to bond with humans, but, they take their time before they give their trust.

Why are feral cats so aggressive?

Feral cats are cats that have not been socialized with humans.  While they may be socialized with other cats and have great relationships with other animals, they tend to be very fearful of humans, which is why they’re more prone to be aggressive, especially if they feel trapped.


The reasons as to why your cat may be suddenly attack you but not others may be just them playfully or lovingly biting you.  However, it could also be because they feel threatened by something in their environment.  Best to look out for possible threats and deal with them.

Why does my cat attack me and no one else?