Why does my cat stalk and attack me?

Cat owners being attacked by their pets is not a new issue. Some owners are bitten until they bleed. Others are being scratched through the nails of their cats. These things are happening in reality, but this should not be the case when pet owners and their pets should love each other. The owner’s love should be reciprocated by his or her pet, or vice versa. But this is happening, so why? This is a question that should be addressed for pet owners to fathom on.

Cats can be wild and sweet at the same time. They are playful and fun to be with. They are excellent as pets, for they will protect their owners no matter what. However, they have their bad sides. They’re wild and moody sometimes. They can bite you. They can also scratch with their long pointed nails if they are angry. Truly, cats give you fun and thrills when you are taking care of them.

If your cat is stalking and attacking you, then you must pay attention to the following things mentioned below. First, cats are predators, so if it attacks you, then it thinks that you are prey. You must, then, develop superiority over your cat. Treat your cat as your friend so that it won’t treat you as its prey. Second, cats are playful, so if stalking and attacking you, it might be asking a toy or a playmate from you. Pay with it so that it will develop respect for you as its owner. Lastly, know your cat. Know its behaviors as well as its behavioral changes. If your cat has a behavioral shift, slowly get and touch it to relax it slowly. Do not punish it for it will worsen the situation of your cat.

Signs of cats acting as predators

Since your cat is born to be a predator, there are many things you can observe when acting one. This serves as a precautionary measure of being attacked by your beloved cat.

1. If your cat is restless and meows anywhere

Meowing is the cat’s way of talking to its owner. When your cat meows restlessly, it is probably behaving like the predator. If it’s meowing directly to you, it considers you as prey, so slowly get and tap your cat to relax it.

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2. If your cat scratches anywhere and almost anything

This is an excellent sign that your cat is acting as a predator, so you need to correct it, but remember not to punish it. If your cat scratches the walls or sofas using its long pointed nails, you can give it a toy to redirect its attention. If it has a favorite toy, then give it to your cat because it will love the gesture.

These are significant signs that your cat is acting as a predator, but other minor signs can also be observed. One slight change to your cat’s behavior can mean a lot, and it’s a simple task for you as the owner of the cat to notice it. If, after applying all the remedies, you do not function well, you can seek professional help to avoid future more significant problems for your cat.

Common Asked Questions

Do cats hunt food?

Naturally, cats are predators, so they hunt for food. However, the art of taming cats and making them pets makes them dependent on their owner. But this instinct will never fail them. That’s why you should not be surprised when you see your cats chasing house rats or other smaller animals in the house because they think these little animals are food. Stopping them from doing so is not a good idea. Let them be, for they consider it as an exercise for their muscles. But also be mindful that for this there must be a reason why they do so. Your cat will hunt only if they’re hungry, so make sure they are fed well. They’re dependent on you now, so feed them enough for them not to chase small animals in the house.

What is the cat’s strongest sense as a predator?

Cats have sharp senses as predators. They can see, smell, hear and feel almost anything around them at given distances. But the strongest among them all is their sense of smell, for they can smell even those that are far away from them. Its second scent sensor is called Jacobson’s organ that your cat uses when it grimaces or sneers.

This means that your cat’s other senses may have advantages and disadvantages, but its sense of smell is way better than humans do. Its sight can do better than humans, for they reflect light, so they gleam at night to see through the dark. The hearing can be heard on low and high pitches. It can also differentiate sounds even if they’re too close enough from them. Their sense of touch uses their whiskers to have a feel about their environment. Their knowledge of taste is the weakest among them all, for they are not sensitive to what they are eating. Since they’re predators, everything is edible, so tastes do not matter. However, their sense of smell is the strongest, for they can smell great distances, unlike the other senses that they have limited distances only.  

Do cats sense other predators?

Besides the cat having the sense of smell as the most robust sense, your cat’s eyes won’t fail you during nighttime to guard you. Its eyes can see through the dark, making it a natural guard at night. Moreover, the cat’s eyes, as amazing as they glow in the dark, are different from human beings. As predators, their eyes use depth perception and focused vision for certain dangers in the environment. But don’t worry if you go home late at night because cats will only attack intruders, which they can smell awfulness on them. So, it’s a yes, cats do sense other predators.


Your cat is a natural predator that may attack almost everything for a particular reason that they are the prey. If your cat stalks and attacks you, it thinks that you’re prey. So better work on your relationship with your cat for it to consider you as an equivalent, not just as low as its natural prey.

Why does my cat stalk and attack me?