Will Cats walk on aluminum foil?

There are these viral videos going around of people lining up their hallways with aluminum foil trying to see how their cats would react to it.  Today, let’s do a bit of a breakdown on how cats tend to react to this weird situation their humans put them in and whether or not they’ll actually tread the shiny, crinkly road.

Why your cat is hesitant

When a cat is first introduced to a hallway lined with aluminum foil, they’ll look at it with a bit of caution and curiosity.  Cats are very sensitive to the changes in their environment.

In the wild, cats are both prey and predator.  Once they notice something new in their territory, their senses will be on high alert, trying to figure out if this new thing is something that’s dangerous or not.

Aluminum foil is very shiny as it reflects a lot of light.  It might look pretty funky through your cat’s sensitive eyes.

To step or not to step

Initially, when your cat sees the tinfoil on the ground, they’ll want to look for another way to get to where they want to go without having to go through the aluminum foil.  Once they notice that there simply is no other way, they’ll take a shy first step and notice that aluminum foils are a bit noisy.

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Other than having very sensitive eyes, cats also have superior hearing abilities. This circles back to their history of being both prey and predator animals.  Having highly sensitive ears makes them amazing hunters.  However, because they know how important being silent is to being great hunters, they are always conscious about how much noise they are making so they do not attract their predators.

After their initial step, they’ll be a bit cautious to make others.  One they realize that there is no harm that is to come to them if they make the tin foil noise, they’ll eventually become confident to waltz through the aluminum foil path.

However, if you were to cover your kitchen counter with aluminum foil unbeknownst to your cat, when they jump on your counter, they’ll be very surprised when the aluminum foil makes noise.  Chances are, they’ll remember this shock and be less encouraged to jump on the counter.

Other things you should try

It must be said that not all cats are skittish around aluminum foil.  As a matter of fact, there have been accounts of owners telling the internet that their cats absolutely love aluminum foil and would play with it every chance they get.

If your cat is one of those who are not bothered at all by aluminum so you’re left wondering if there are other ways to keep your cat away from your kitchen counter, here are some alternatives.

  • Smelly smells. 

Cats have highly sensitive noses.  As a matter of fact, cats have a better sense of smell than some dogs.  This is why spritzing your countertops with smells they dislike.  You may clean your counters with a vinegar and water mix.

  • A yes to this no.

For every no you say to your cat, you should always give them a better alternative.  In this case, if you give your cat a cat tree to use as their lounging spot or lookout tower, they’ll eventually favor it over your boring counter.

  • Poof of air.

 There are many motion activated air spray specifically designed to help you discipline your cat available in the market.  When all else fails, you can always give this option a try.

Common questions about things cats hate.

Should I prank my cat?

One of the joys of owning a cat is watching how they react to things.  It’s often very tempting to try out the latest viral cat prank you see online on your own cat.

However, you must always take caution on which of these pranks you should try out on your own cat.  There are many pranks out there that might end up scarring your precious fur ball.

Always take into consideration how a prank will affect your cat’s mental state.  Remember, a stressed out cat is more prone to poop on your pillow.  You have been warned.

Why are cats and dogs scared of fireworks?

Just like dogs, cats have very sensitive ears.  They have evolved to have very great hearing because their ancestors had to be so in-tuned with their surroundings.

This is why our furry friends are more prone to being uncomfortable around noisy things or even downright developing a fear of loud noises.

Do cats hate cucumbers?

The short answer is no, not really.  If your cat is properly introduced to a cucumber — not surprised by it, they won’t react negatively to this innocent vegetable.

What mainly causes their famous extreme reaction to cucumbers as seen in the viral videos is that they were simply not expecting a cucumber and then they turn around, and there it is.  It also doesn’t help that on their first glance, cucumbers look like snakes.


When given enough time to get to know what this aluminum foil thing is, cats will eventually be not so bothered walking all over these thin metallic sheets.  However, aluminum foils are still great at discouraging your cat from hopping on to the kitchen counter.  The trick likes in the element of surprise.

Will Cats walk on aluminum foil?