Can a cat hurt a dog?

Can a cat hurt a dog?

To put it bluntly, yes.  A cat can definitely injure a dog.  Don’t think that just because cats are generally smaller than dogs that they will be the ‘underdog.’  In most cases, that’s very far from the truth.

Instances where cats are violent against dogs happen when cats feel threatened by the dog or simply annoyed.  Don’t worry though.  It is very possible for a cat and a dog to coexist together in one household peacefully – but things like that don’t happen on accident. Read on to find out what you can do as the pet owner to ensure your cats and dogs live a happy and safe life together and what to do when the worst happens.

Preventive Measures

Before you even think about going out to your nearest animal shelter to pick up your new family member, ideally, you should take the time to consider how your existing pet will react to having a new sibling they didn’t ask for.

How does your animal react when they’re around new animals?  Are your pets intensely territorial?  Bringing in a new pet home is so much better if your existing pet is already very sociable.

If you already have an adult cat at home, getting a puppy might not be the best idea.  Puppies tend to be extremely energetic and painful.  They’ll have little regard to your cat’s personal space – which in turn, can make your cat aggressive.  A calmer adult dog would be the better choice.  Avoid any dogs that have the tendency to chase smaller animals.

If you already have a dog at home, consider getting a kitten or an adult cat that has had experiences living with other dogs.  If you have a lot of dogs, it’s advisable to not get a cat at all.  Dogs who have a pack tend chase or harass smaller animals.

Once you’re set on getting a new animal, make sure that you introduce the new siblings to each other slowly and safely.

How dangerous are cats to dogs?

If you’ve ever experienced being on the other side of your cat’s pointy claws, you’ve realized that those tiny little knives can inflict a bit of damage.  They’re not any less dangerous with dogs.  Dogs who have been scratched by cats tend to get corneal ulcers.  When bitten, a cat’s bite can very quickly turn infectious.

Of course, your dog could also retaliate and cause a great deal of harm on your cat.  As a pet owner, you’ll never want it to get this far.

How to stop your cat from attacking your dog

The moment your cat starts feeling suffocated by your dog annoying them, the claws will crash the party.  However, cats will ALWAYS choose to escape a tense situation rather than to get her claws out.  To make sure that your cat will never reach their boiling point, make sure your cat always has an access to an escape route.  Cat shelves are definitely the best option for this purpose.

Some cats don’t need to be provoked before they attack.  These cats just have a very strong prey drive.  They have a lot of pent up hunting energy that they so badly need to release.  The best thing you can do for them is to play with them.

The moment you notice them initiating their hunt for the pup, interrupt them with a string toy.  They’ll be easily convinced that the toy is a much better prey than your dog.


Common questions about cats and dogs

Why is my dog so fixated on my cat?

There are three main reasons as to why your dog is so obsessed with your cat.

  1. Strong Prey Drive.  There are some breeds of dogs that naturally have the tendency to chase smaller animals.  If this is the case, train your dog to leave your cat alone.
  2. They’re jealous.  Some dogs tend to get really jealous if they notice that this new animal is taking more of your attention that used to be only reserved for them.  In this case, take the time to play with your dog more.
  3. They want to be alpha.  Get your dog professionally trained especially if they get aggressive with your cat.
  4. They just want to play.  It could just be as innocent as your dog just wanting to play with their sibling.  Unfortunately, your cat may not feel the same way.

Are cats cleaner than dogs?

Yes.  More because cats are self-cleaning.  They’ll take a huge portion of their everyday lives to groom themselves from nose to tail.  Dogs on the other hand, have the tendency to roll on smelly things.

Do dogs need more attention than cats?

While all pets need love and attention, in most cases, the answer to this question is yes.  Dogs are definitely better for people who don’t mind taking a daily walk with their dog outside, while cat owners don’t really need to do that for their cats.


Cats can definitely do a number on a dog when they’re provoked.  Their sharp claws and pointy teeth can not only break skin; cat scratches and bites tend to get infected quickly.

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