Do all Maine Coon cats have an M on their heads?

Maine Coons are known for the distinct “M” marks on their foreheads that other cats don’t have. However, this is not actually a distinguishable feature of Maine Coons since other tabby cats can also have Ms on their foreheads, and there are plenty of Main Coons that don’t have Ms.

If you think that the “M” might mean something more for Maine Coons, you’re not the only one. Many people believe that the distinctive mark on a Maine Coon’s forehead has a deeper meaning. Some people believe cats, especially those with M markings are connected with the gods. Perhaps the Ms have a great spiritual meaning, or perhaps it’s just random. But it’s definitely worth looking into.

Legends about Maine Coon’s M forehead marking

The Moon

According to ancient Egyptians, the God of the moon gave cats a beautiful M on their faces. They believed cats’ eyes could absorb moonlight to sparkle just like the moon.


Another legend from the Egyptians is that of the goddess Mafdet. She often took a catlike form and was worshiped as the guardian of the home. Cats were believed to protect the Egyptians from unsafe creatures entering their homes, such as rats, snakes and scorpions. This is also why Egyptians worshiped cats and believed that Mafdet placed a mark on their heads.

Mohammed’s cat Muezza

Muezza is said to have saved the prophet Mohammad from a poisonous snake bite. The cat’s name means cherished and according to legend, in return for saving the prophet Muhammad, the cat was then marked with an M on the forehead.

M for Mary

Some people believe a tabby cat cuddled up to next to baby Jesus to keep him warm in the manger. Then Mary used her finger to make an M on the cat’s forehead to express her thankfulness. From that point on, all tabby cats, including Maine Coons, had the M mark on their foreheads.

Could it mean anything else?


It’s easy to see how their M could stand for majestic. With their big fur coat and fluffy tail, watching a Main Coon proudly saunter across the lawn, makes them look like royalty. They are the largest breed of domestic cats and definitely one of the most majestic.


Despite being known as gentle giants, Maine Coons are just like other cat breeds – naturally mischievous. Your Coon is absolutely not going to be an exception. These naughty cats cats like to splash get a little wild when playing. They may even bite or scratch when they get excited during playtime.

Master of the House

There’s no doubt that M could stand for Master of the House. A lot of Maine Coon owners say that their Maine Coons own them and the humans are just their staff. Luckily these bossy cats are usually also naturally affectionate and fun-loving, so their humans don’t mind serving them too much.

Mouse hunter

Like all cats, Maine Coons are excellent hunters. If you have a mouse problem, get a cat.


When you own a Maine Coon, one thing’s for sure! Your floor might end up in food and splashed water. They also have the habit of playing with their toys and leaving them around. Their long fur often gets covered in mud, leaves and grass when playing outside.


Common questions about Maine Coons having an M on their forehead

What kind of cats have an M on their foreheads?

A tabby cat is a domestic cat with distinctive markings on it’s fur, including stripes and swirly patterns. They also almost always have the special M-shaped marking on their foreheads, but sometimes it’s easier to see than others. There are three recognizable tabby Maine Coon patterns:

  • Classic tabby. These classic cats are recognizable by their bold, swirly patterns on their sides. They are also called blotched tabbies because their smudgy fur pattern looks like a marble cake.
  • Mackerel Tabby. These cats get their name because the markings running down their backs look like a fish skeleton. Small evenly-spaced parallel lines stripe down the cat’s sides. Mackerel Tabbies are also known as Tiger cats.
  • Ticked tabby. This cat doesn’t have stripes, swirls or spots, like most tabbies, but it does have a classic M on its forehead. Ticked tabbies are covered in agouti hairs, which vary between light and dark colors. 

Why do some cats have an M on their foreheads?

There are many stories and legends that try to justify these markings on Maine Coons and other cats. It’s up to you whether you believe them or not. Some people believe that that some cats’ eyes reflect light and at night their eyes appear so luminous because of their connection with the moon. 

How can I tell if my cat is part Maine Coon?

There are things you should consider if you want to find out if your cat is part Maine Coon, the first and obvious sign is their size! Maine Coons are large in size. You should probably also look at the length of the tail and how fluffy it is. 

A Maine Coon has multi-layered shaggy fur that makes look extra adorable. The tips of their ears and even the ear itself should have fluffy hair in it. Maine Coons have large paws, large noses and large rounded eyes. They also are very friendly and love being around people.

Maine Coons don’t all have an M on their foreheads. And remember that even if your cat does have an M on its forehead, that doesn’t guarantee it’s a Maine Coon.

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