Do cats feel love when you kiss them?

Do cats feel love when you kiss them

Upon researching studies on this topic, the general consensus was because cats communicate in a different way than humans do, they can’t really grasp the meaning of this gesture. Cats have various means of showing affection, so they don’t really understand why you are kissing them.

Cats understand the meaning behind a kiss

Some argued that even though they aren’t able to fully grasp the meaning behind a kiss, cats can understand the intent behind a loving kiss. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that cats have different temperaments and have different preferences for the type of affection they like.

Some cats like being kissed, some tolerate it, and some just don’t. Therefore, it is vital to be mindful of your cat’s mood and body language. If your cat leans in, purrs, and rubs its head on you when you kiss him, it is highly likely to understand that you’re trying to shower it with love and affection. However, if its ears go back, starts whipping its tail back and forth, moves away from you, hisses, or swats at you, take a hint. Your pet cat doesn’t want any of your smoochies.

Do you love your cat?

Do cats feel love

Studies show that in many ways cats see us as parents, and in that sense also feel the love from us, as if we were their parents. Cats do feel your love for them, and a loved cat will think pretty highly of us.

How Do Cats Show Love

Your cat’s eyes are very expressive and can tell you a lot about how it is feeling at that moment. The jury’s still out on whether blinking slowly is the cat’s version of a kiss. Nevertheless, according to some ethologists, in the right environment, it is undoubtedly a sign of calmness and affection.

A slow-blink cat kiss is an amicable display that may be meant to convey affection toward a human or another animal family member in the household. When a cat is surrounded by their fellow felines, it may be part of their body language to display that it is calm and that another nearby animal isn’t a threat. A cat may also view this behavior to convey that it doesn’t perceive you as a threat.

If you consistently observe your cat’s eye movements, you will know how to differentiate between its alert blink and its relaxed, slow blink. Another cue that you should also consider is whether the cat’s face is at ease. The whiskers will be hanging loosely on either side of the muzzle, and you won’t see the tension in the facial muscles. Pay attention to its entire body language and the cat’s immediate environment to become more proficient at interpretation.

Another way a cat shows affection is through rubbing their heads against you. No matter what part of your body is brushed against it, a cat’s head bump indicates love. They have sweat glands in their cheeks and lips, so rubbing their head against you is their way of marking you as their own human.

Ground rules to follow when kissing a cat:

  • Don’t kiss them on the lips. That’s gross and a massive violation of their space. A cat’s mouth is also swarming with bacteria and parasites, especially with kittens who aren’t up-to-date on vaccines and parasite checks.
  • Don’t kiss a stranger cat. Even though their owner tells you that their cat tolerates kisses, you should refrain from kissing that cat because you just don’t have the same connection with its owner. There’s a considerable chance that the cat might be hostile and attack you as you are violating its space.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I show love to my cat?

You can use the slow eye blink technique to show your cat that you love it. Since that’s how they express their love and understand that this signifies affection, why don’t you try to speak their language and learn how to do a kitty slow eye blink? Another way you can show your love to your cats is through playing, snuggling, and feeding them. You can also provide them a comfortable bed to sleep in and give them a great scratching post.

Do cats know when you cry?

Moriah Galvan and Jennifer Vonk’s finding suggests that cats can pick up human gestures. However, it doesn’t mean they feel empathy. This ability was learned over time as cats associate their owner’s happy facial gestures into rewards. For instance, cat owners are more likely to spoil their cats when they’re so glad.

Is it okay to kiss my cat on the head?

By and large, it’s perfectly okay to give your cat a peck on its head. Cats groom their head with their saliva, which dries on the fur. Still, the odds of picking up a disease or parasite from a kiss on the fur head are notably slim, assuming the cat is healthy and primarily an indoor cat.

How do cats kiss?

The closest we get to cats giving each other a kiss is when they from time to time touch, sniff or groom each other close to the mouth area. This is not a kiss in the same way as humans, since cats are not a romantic gesture.

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Research shows that kissing is a foreign concept for cats. However, not understanding the meaning behind it doesn’t equate to not perceiving the loving intent behind the gesture. You should always be mindful of the body language and mood of your cat and respect its wishes.

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