Why do cats attack after mating?

Why do cats attack after mating

Cat reproduction is kind of hardcore. When they’re in heat, they will loudly advertise it to each other.  Males will start pissing everywhere and get all grumpy. When they actually do the deed, there are biting and barbed penises involved. They’re also ending the whole affair quite violently too.

Immediately after the male cat ejaculates and he pulls out, the female cat is most likely going to turn and attack the male. She just dealt with a barbed cat penis designed to jump-start her ovulation, as it has been commonly speculated, so she attacks after mating.

Still, this doesn’t actually faze cats for a very long time. During one cycle, a female cat can mate up to 30 times.  Granted, the mating process for cats only takes a few minutes at most.

Female cat’s behavior after mating

After the male cat has withdrawn her penis, the female cat’s eyes will dilate, they will vocalize shrilly for a while, and most often than not, attack the male. However, it has been noted that if the female is familiar to the male cat she had just had sex with, she may be less aggressive towards him.

The female cat will then start rolling on the floor, stretch for a bit, and then lick her genitals for about 7 minutes.  It’s not atypical for her to go back to mating. Cats can mate up to 10 times per hour.  Female cats can have 50 sexual encounters during one heat cycle.

A female cat can mate with many different males during the heat cycle and in turn have a litter of kittens with different fathers.

Male cat’s prickly penis

It used to be believed that male cat genitals are prickly as to scoop out or ‘kill’ the sperm of a competing male already inside the female’s vagina, but recently, there has been doubting about this theory simply because many male cats can father one litter of kittens.

It is not believed that males have little spikes on their penises so to stimulate the female’s vagina enough so they ovulate. Female cats are induced ovulators – they cannot ovulate unless mating occurs.

When the eggs finally leave the ovaries, they have about 24 hours to be fertilized by the male’s sperm. Sometimes, it takes multiple mating sessions before conception actually happens.

Kitty want no love

When a female cat does not want to mate, she will let the male suitors know.  She will claw at them until they leave.  One of the biggest reasons as to why female cats wouldn’t want to be mounted is if they are going through metestrus.

This happens immediately after their estrus and the females’ vulva is still swelling. This phase generally lasts less than a day. A fair warning to all male cats in the area who wants to copulate, the female will aggressively reject them.


Common questions about cat mating

When is the cat breeding season?

Typically, when they turn 6 months old, although it could range between their 4th month and their 12th month, female cats can start going into heat – effectively making them sexually mature. 

Cats are seasonally polyestrous. What this means is they will have multiple heat cycles in a year.  When these cycles depend on geographical and environmental factors. For cats living in the Northern Hemisphere will have their cycles in January until late fall. 

However, cats who live in tropical areas or are indoor cats are expected to have their cycle throughout the whole year.

When do cats stop reproducing?

Cats don’t really go through menopause as humans do because 1, they don’t menstruate in the first place, and 2, they actually stay fertile well into their senior life. The only way for cats to stop being able to make more kittens is if they get neutered.

If you don’t want to have unwanted kittens in your life, please get your cats spayed as early as possible. Even if your cat is fully an indoor cat and will have no interactions with tomcats in her life, she must still be neutered, or else, she will get really stressed.

Should I breed my cat?

Many people breed their cats or let them have kittens without really thinking about it. There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to breeding animals such as the care for the mama cat, where to find a suitable tomcat, the care, and delivery of the kittens, and of course, the most crucial step, finding good forever homes for the kittens. 

This whole endeavor is expensive and time-consuming. More than anything, cat breeding is a labor of love. You must be committed to doing it properly for the sake of your cat and her eventual kittens. If not, best to get them neutered.


Female cats attacking the males immediately after mating is not an unusual occurrence. Strange it may be for us humans, but this is just part of cat’s sexual experience. While it is still unknown why the female cats attack exactly or if mating hurts them at all, they must not be bothered by the whole thing because after taking a few minutes to recover, they’ll be back at it again.

Why do cats attack after mating

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