Do cats poop and pee out of the same hole?

As amazing as cats are, sorry to burst your bubble, but they do not pee and poop out of the same hole. Like dogs and humans, they have different canals for peeing and pooping. However, cats are fantastic! They are amazing creatures who needs to be understood.

Peeing and pooping: straight out of the litter box

Cats use urine to mark their territory. The scent coming from the urine will deliver the message to other cats that the area is unavailable. They can mark the territory through marking by rubbing, marking by scratching and sometimes urine marking. Cats would often get called out for their rude behavior, but really, they are just doing what they can to mark their territory.

Cats scratching on surfaces and rubbing on places to leave their scents. Their paws have a very distinct scent that is why they often rub and scratch on things. They have scent glands on their cheeks, paws and flanks.

They also like to mark their territory through urine marking. Felines use these methods for scent marking: spraying urine in vertical surfaces and urinating on horizontal surfaces. When they want to mark a vertical surface, their tail becomes erect and lo and behold, they are squirting urine. Because they also use their tails for balance, their tail would quiver when they spray to maintain balance and grace while peeing. Weird,but you know, cats.

7 purrfectly amazing facts about a cat’s body

A blog called Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic listed down awesome facts about cats. Find out what made a cat’s body so awesome:

1. Cats are crepuscular

Cats are not night time folks, instead they are most active during twilight hours of dawn and dusk that is according to PetMD. They have low energy on darker night-time and day-time hours. This is due to the history of cats being hunted by predators. 

2. Cats use their long tails to balance themselves

Felines do not only communicate through their tails, cat’s tails are actually an extension of their spine. They use their tails to balance when they walk on narrow spaces and maintain their balance while running after their prey.

3. Kneading means cats are happy and satisfied

Kittens knead their mother’s breast while nursing to regulate the flow of breast milk. According to Joseph Castro, a writer at Live Science blog, he said that grown cats may associate this as a feeling of content and happiness.

4. Cats meowing is their way to communicate to their humans

Cats adapted meowing as their way to communicate with people. ASPCA blog reported that cats actually don’t meow at each other, they communicate through scents, hiss and body language. Kittens meow at their mom when they are hungry, but adult cats no longer require meowing to communicate to other cats. There have been several hypotheses that a “talkative” cat actually adapted the trait from his/her talkative owners.

5. Cats would rather die than eat foods they don’t find tasty

Some cats would not eat food that they don’t find palatable to the point of starvation. In the earlier days when cats were yet to be domesticated, they would hunt to eat fresh meat. One reason also is they have very sensitive taste and smell, this is actually their safety mechanism to avoid eating spoiled or contaminated meat. Cats are very cautious and selective because of their survival instincts.

6. Cats have whiskers on the back of their front legs

Cats have carpal vibrissae whiskers. These whiskers helped them track down prey because they are nearsighted. Cats can bend their whiskers forward and create highly sensitive hairs. These whiskers are stiffer and are deeply rooted thus the sensitivity.

7. Cats are nearsighted but their peripheral vision and night vision is impeccable

An artist named Nickolay Lamm actually provided a picture of the difference between a human and a cat’s vision. Humans are able to see colors and vibrance during the day whereas felines have an edge when it comes to peripheral vans night vision. They developed their peripheral and night vision due to their history in hunting and being hunted.

Common Questions

Why does it seem like cats pee and poop at the same hole?

Cats squat when they pee so humans can’t really see if they are peeing or pooping. Cats have separate canals for their poop and pee just like any other mammal.

Why do cats pee in the same place?

Cats pee in the same place because they wanted to mark their territory. This can also happen if there are multiple pets in the same house. Cats use their own urine to mark territories and cats are very territorial animals, they will fight for their spot in the house. This is also their safe place where they can go without anyone bothering them.

Why do cats bury their poop?

Like their urines, cats use poop to mark their territory. However in cases like multiple pets or cats at home usually cats who are submissive would often bury their poops so as to not challenge the dominant cat. Burying their poop is also a survival instinct for them. By hiding their poops, they are hiding their scent from unwanted visitors or predators.

Do cats pee and poop at the same time?

Cat usually do not pee and poop at the same time. A normal cat will pee 2-3 times per day and poop one time (or less) per day. If cats pee and poop at the same time it is actually more right after each other.

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