Do cats smell when they are dying?

This is probably the hardest topic for our parents. The idea of your cat dying is not a funny thing, especially if you and your cat share a wonderful 12-20 years together. You share memories that only a fur parent will understand. You simply belong to each other, and losing the other is not easy.

Death is inevitable. Despite the rumors that cats have nine lives, you cannot avoid the fact that your cat’s body will fail to function sooner or later and result in illness or unfortunate death. It will be very, really hard for a fur parent like you, but there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of preparing yourself before it happens is the least that you can do to ease the pain.

You can’t really smelle if your cat is dyuing. But there are other signs you can look for! Keep reading and find out.

Preparing for it to happen may sound weird, but there are specific steps you can take to determine if it is getting near to the time that you are most afraid of. Certainly, your cat can also smell when they are dying, so it will not be hard for you to determine it. Your cat feels it when it is time also. Yeah, it sounds painful and heartbreaking, but your cat dying will always be there if you are a fur parent.

Signs of when your cat is dying

Finding Solitude.

 If your cat is dying, it usually hides from you. This is your cat’s instinct as a feline for it is its means to shield from threats and dangers from the environment. Your cat also is sensitive about your feelings, so it thinks that protecting the pain away from you is better than letting you see it.

Lack of Energy.

Cats are playful pets. They love to play, especially if they are in the mood. However, when they are feeling something, they tend to have no energy at all. They do not like moving to avoid worsening the pain they are already feeling. So, if your cat is acting weird and strange, check it out because it might be suffering from anxiety.

Loss of Appetite.

 Cats that are in pain do not like to eat or drink anything. This behavior is caused by so much pain that they almost cannot bear it. Usually, this behavior is the first thing you will notice when your cat is dying.

Loss of Body Heat.

Another way to determine if your cat is dying is when their natural body temperature drops from the natural 37-38 degrees Celsius. This is an indication of your dying cat because this means that its heart is too weak to circulate blood. This may cause the body temperature of your cat to go lower than the normal 37-38 degrees Celsius. You can manually check it by touching its paws. If its paws are cold, it means that its body temperature is lower. You can also use a thermometer or rectal thermometer to be precise on its body temperature.

Weaker Appearance and Foul Smell.

Your cat loves to take care of itself. It grooms itself every day to avoid getting messy and stinky. However, it becomes messy when it is near its end because it feels so miserable that it cannot afford to groom itself anymore.

Common questions about dying cats

Do cats prefer to die alone?

There is no specific and concrete answer to this question. However, in the wild, cats do hide if they are ill because of the fear of other predators. In the house, this instinct is also observable. Your cat knows it when it is dying, so it hides. This might look like your cat prefers to die alone, but it is not the truth. Just as you would do to someone near to your heart, be there when it is happening. Your cat will bring this if pets have a life after death. So, help your cat get through this pain by merely staying beside it until its last breath.

Where do pets go when they die?

Of course, you bury them. This process is quite hard for you as a fur parent, but you should do it. If you own the land, bury your cat at the back of your house to avoid nuisance with your neighbors. A dead cat’s body will produce an awful smell, and in severe cases, it might cause illness. Burying it will protect you, your family, and your neighbor from getting these diseases. However, if you do not have land, you can call a pet service provided by your government to dispose of your cat’s decaying body.

Why would a cat just suddenly die?

There are instances where a cat dies suddenly without the fur parent noticing that something is odd about the cat. If this happens, there are only two reasons for this incident. The first is the heart, and the second is the associated condition because of a weak heart. Feline Cardiomyopathy is a disease in your cat where its heart muscles fail to function, causing it not to beat. However, this disease is the only suspect for this unfortunate sudden death. Still, other factors could play into the sudden death of your cat. For you to avoid this one, you must make sure that your cat stays healthy.


Your cat has no nine lives, so enjoy every moment that you spend with it. Death can be anywhere, and it may steal your cat when you least expect it so better to enjoy your pet’s company. So, if the time comes, you are ready to let go of your pet and free it from any pain.

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