Do Maine coon cats purr?

Do Maine coon cats purr?

Maine coons are adorable cats who talk a lot. They express their feelings through voices and body language. Sometimes, they can talk to you non-stop while following, making them a naturally talkative cat breed.

You may notice them meowing and at the same time, purring! A combination like this produces a harmonious trill often used to communicate with humans and other cats. 

Do Maine Coons purr loudly?

Maine Coons are a very vocal breed of cat, and yes they do purr. When a Maine Coon is happy and relaxed it might purr loudly. We mention that Maine Coons are a very vocal breed, but that doesn’t mean that they are loudly in general.

What is a purr?

According to researchers, a purr is triggered by the feline’s brain, which sends messages to the laryngeal muscle to vibrate. This vibration is at a frequency of over 100 oscillations per second. 

In the case of Maine coons, they purr a lot. It can be very relaxing and annoying at the same time. A Maine coon cat purrs so loudly because they feel so comfy! 

Studies show that cats learn to purr when they are young while they can feel the vibrations of their mother purring. In fact, domestic cats are not the only ones who can purr. For instance, cheetahs purr, too. 

The cat with the loudest purr was called Merlin, a British domestic cat that was acquired from a rescue center. The reason for her purring was because the cat is so happy. Though Maine coons have been also known to have a pretty loud purr, Merlin set a new world record!

Merlin purrs at an amazing 67.8 decibels! Imagine your typical vacuum cleaners. It sounds like a purring Merlin.

🐱 Why do Maine coons purr?

Usually, when a cat needs attention the key is to “meow”. But for a Maine coon, it’s quite different. 

Cats purr when they are content, but they purr other reasons as well. 

For Maine coons, purring can mean that they are anxious, sick, or in pain. This explains why they purr when they feel an unfamiliar territory or in a car on the way to the vet. 

Maine coons are known to be more vocal than other cat breeds. However, it doesn’t mean that they purr any more or less than other cats.

Why are Maine coons vocal?

Maine coons love to socialize with their humans. You’ll notice that they are way more vocal around new people or pets. Being their usual friendly self, it could be just a way of greeting to them. You can expect them to talk all day long, every day. 

A Maine coon being vocal doesn’t always mean they need your attention or cuddles. They are just actually socializing with you. If they are being left alone for long periods of time, it is important to spend some time with them when you return home. 

Don’t be annoyed, your Maine coon is just being Maine coon. To put it simply, your cat just wants your company. 

Like dogs, cats don’t understand human speech. However, they can totally understand and pick up on our behavior, moods, words and make associations. Maine coons are no different! 

For this cat breed, though, real meows are rare. You will definitely hear chirping and trilling sounds a lot during the day and even at night! 

When to worry about a Maine coon’s purr

However, it’s also important to note that if your Maine coon starts meowing constantly, they might want to tell you something. 

  • Cats are good at hiding pain. You might want to check your Maine coon if they feel something wrong.
  • The Maine coon is in heat. 
  • If poorly managed, a Maine coon may feel unhappy. This is especially true when a Maine coon is kept indoors and not given enough space to play or exercise. 
  • Your Maine coon might have reached sexual maturity. 

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Common questions about Maine coon cats’ purr

🐱 How can I tell if my cats are Maine coons? 

When you don’t go to an official breeder, you might find it hard to determine if your cat is a Maine coon. Then again, there are many ways to determine if your cat is a Maine coon. 

  • Purebred Maine coons have rectangular bodies. 
  • Their fur could be medium to long, and definitely shaggy.
  • Maine coons usually have manes around their neck, just like lions do. 
  • They have a very long tail covered in thick fur. 
  • The eyes of a Maine coon, adult or kitten, are large and rounded. 
  • Personality is a big factor. You might want to observe if your cat is sociable and cuddly! 

🐱 Do Maine coons purr loudly? 

Yes, Maine coons can have pretty loud purrs. It is not only loud, but they really purr a lot! Sometimes, you might find it cute and annoying at the same time. 

🐱 Do Maine coons bite?

Biting and attacking is quite rare for Maine coons. Maine coons are not considered to be a problem breed for biting. They play a lot but in a gentle way. There may be incidents where playing can turn to the aggressiveness, but that’s really rare for a Maine coon cat. 

Like most cat breeds, a Maine coon purrs when it feels happy. Some people might find it annoying, but for Maine coon cats, their being vocal only adds to their charm. It can even be a lot of fun to converse with them! 

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