Top 10 friendliest cat breeds

top 10 friendliest cats

When it comes to cats, some breeds are definitely friendlier than others. Although many cats have a reputation for being unfriendly, there are quite a few breeds that are actually very friendly and affectionate, and for sure very cuddly.

It can’t be denied that cats are great in their own unique ways, but if you want one that will also become your closest friend and who is interested in mingling with other family members and pets, your best bet is to go with one of the following breeds.

Friendly and sociable cat breeds

1. Persian

Persians are a popular cat breed and a favorite among cat lovers. The breed commonly graces cat shows, as well as the palaces of royalties.

A Persian is playful, but not self-centered, and for sure a friendly cat breed. It is content when mingling with members of its own household, communicating inaudibly and eagerly posing to let others admire its natural beauty. With its sweet and mellow personality, the Persian is the ideal choice for a family eager to shower love to a beautiful feline companion.

  • Playful, but not self-centered
  • Content at home
  • Sweet and mellow
  • Naturally beautiful
  • Common at cat shows and royal palaces
  • Great family cat

2. Abyssinian

This lively and friendly breed has a penchant for living to the fullest with energy levels that match their always-on personality. You will surely delight in having an intelligent and friendly company by your side.

An Abyssinian will always be within your reach no matter what. Whether you are cooking in the kitchen or working from home, your feline friend will be perched on your shoulder. It will even snuggle next to you while you are watching a movie.

  • Lively and friendly
  • Energetic
  • Intelligent and friendly
  • Loves to snuggle and be close by

3 .Ragdoll

As one of the friendliest cats breeds around, a Ragdoll loves nothing more than spending time with their owner even if it means following you around the house room after room.

After spending a few days with this breed, you will start to wonder whether you adopted a puppy instead of a kitten. If you decide to get one as a companion, you will enjoy the company of the most affectionate cat breed that loves to cuddle and be hugged in your arms.

  • Loves spending time with its owner
  • Acts like a puppy following you around
  • The most affectionate cat breed
  • Loves to cuddle and be hugged

4. Burmese

For this cat breed, the windowsill is the Burmese’s favorite place. With its inquisitive mind, it cannot help but stare out at the world outside. Due to its curious nature, a Burmese cat will explore around the house – check what is in the cupboards or perch on your shoulder while browsing the Internet.

You might have less “alone” time if you have a Burmese around, but it will make up with cuddles. It is a friendly and affectionate companion and always ready for a snuggle and keen to play with children all the time.

  • Loves resting in the windowsill and watching the outside world
  • Inquisitive and curious
  • Loves to explore
  • Loves to cuddle
  • Good at playing with children
  • Friendly and affectionate

5. Chartreux

This breed is never too vocal or demanding and eagerly waits for their owner to arrive home. The Chartreux is always on its best behavior. These cats are friendly buddies and can instantly become dedicated to their human family.

When guests drop by along with their pets, expect your Chartreux to provide them with a lot of attention. Just remember that their quiet nature means that they do not vocalize a lot, even if there is something wrong. So remember to check in on them and pay attention to them. That is what one of the friendliest cat breeds needs from you.

  • Not loud or demanding
  • Eagerly waits for owner to come home
  • Dedicated to its human family
  • Quiet nature
  • Attentive to guests

6. Exotic shorthair

As a close relative of the Persian, the Exotic shorthair has a quiet and sweet demeanor. This breed loves playtime more than the Persian and has shorter fur which makes it a good companion for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on grooming.

If you are in search of a friendly and devoted breed, the Exotic is a good companion that you should consider adding to your life.

  • Quiet and sweet demeanor
  • Loves playtime
  • Doesn’t require a lot of grooming
  • Friendly and devoted

7. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is the ideal combination of a loyal, friendly companion while also maintaining its independent side. Regardless of the large physique of this breed, they love to curl up in your lap. Additionally, they will not hesitate to showcase their chasing skills, especially if rodents are around.

The breed is also highly intelligent so keep your companion entertained with a variety of puzzle toys around.

  • Loyal, friendly and independent
  • Loves to cuddle
  • Loves to play and chase
  • Highly intelligent
  • Loves puzzle toys

8. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is the happiest when around their human owners. The breed is eager to participate in all activities. The strong bonds with a human family can only be challenged once their routine is disrupted, which means that you should avoid rearranging the furniture too often.

Aside from the few unique quirks of this breed, you will surely fall in love with them. With their affectionate and friendly nature, they will not hesitate in showing their love for their human family.

  • Happiest around human owners
  • Eager to participate
  • Likes routines
  • Forms strong bonds with human family
  • Affectionate and friendly

9. Siamese

For those in search of a sociable, friendly feline that loves to vocalize, you might want a Siamese in your life. This cat breed is well-known for its boisterous personality.

Intelligent and beautiful, Siamese are quite fond of humans. Just remember though that they are not too keen on being left home alone. They must be with family, or at least another fellow Siamese.

  • Sociable and friendly
  • Loves to vocalize
  • Boisterous personality
  • Intelligent and beautiful
  • Fond of humans
  • Don’t like being left home alone

10. Sphynx

With its unique look, the Sphynx does not mind being under the spotlight. This breed loves all the attention they can get and will reward you with delighted purrs and cuddles.

This breed is talkative and playful, but make sure that you keep your companion away from the outdoor elements. The hairless look of the breed means that they will feel cold during the winter and might get a sunburn in the summer. Overall, you will be proud to have a friendly and straightforward companion around.

  • Loves attention
  • Purrs with delight when cuddling
  • Talkative and playful
  • Friendly and straightforward

Final thoughts

There you have it – the top 10 friendliest cat breeds around. If you want a friendly companion that will always be by your side, these breeds are lovely choices to consider.

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