What is the smartest cat breed?

What is the smartest cat breed?

If you have been lucky enough to spend a bit of time around cats, you know just how smart they can be.  They’re known for being curious and mischievous, cunning and inquisitive.  It’s amazing to know that cat’s brains are actually 90% similar to human brains, structurally – no wonder why these furry little troublemakers are so smart!

Today, let’s take a closer look at three of the smartest breeds of cats.

Siamese, the opinionated socialite

The Siamese breed is known for their beauty.  They’re long and slender cats with big blue eyes and a distinctive coat patter that will surely turn heads.  These cats are not just all about looks though.  Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent – with the personality to boot.

They demand your attention and they’ll never stop meowing with their loud and raspy voice until you give it to them.  They also like following their humans around – in fact, when left alone for long periods of time, they’ll be very sad.  They’ll be with you whether you’re sitting on the couch, or lying in bed at night, making sure you’ll never have no one to talk to.

If you want an intelligent, athletic and highly interactive cat, a Siamese cat is a great choice.  Keep in mind, they will need a lot of stimulation to keep happy.  Supply them with enough puzzle toys and cat trees with access to great views and you should be good to go.

Bengal, the designer cat

These cats look like they just walked out of the wild and into your living room.  Honestly, it might also feel that way, living with a Bengal.  Don’t worry though, Bengal cats are domesticated and are slowly becoming one of the most popular cat breeds.

Somethings you must know if you want to live with a Bengal is that they are highly curious, hyperactive and sociable cats.  When you play with a Bengal cat, it would feel like they’ll never run out of energy – probably why these cats are pretty good with kids.  They have that one thing in common.

While Bengals are, on paper, pretty easy to take care of, they actually require a lot of work, time and attention because they’re so smart and energetic.  If you are planning to get a Bengal cat for your home, you’ll have to commit to at least 30 minutes of playtime with them every day to keep them happy and healthy.

Abyssinian, the Einstein of the cat world

Abyssinians are probably the most intelligent cat breed out there.  They’re highly trainable, energetic, and affectionate.

Just like Bengals, they look pretty wild, with their beautiful coats, large ears and muscular bodies – but they’re an absolutely perfect addition to a home in need of a feline clown.  There’s a reason why one of the nicknames for an Abyssinian is “Aby-silly-an.”  They’ll always find something to play with, or somewhere to get stuck in – they’re absolutely hilarious.

Abyssinians are so intelligent, you can even train them to walk on a leash – except, when walking cats, in general, expect them to take the lead.  Although you must know, that because they are so intelligent, not only will they be on your counters all the time, they’ll be INSIDE your cabinets as well – and nope, childproof locks will not help as they’re known to figure those out in time.


Common questions about smart cats

Are cats emotionally intelligent?

Against popular belief, cats aren’t as aloof as they might seem. They can easily recognize human emotions, gestures and expressions, especially when they’ve been around humans for a long time.

Cats are very emotionally intelligent creatures.  They can read emotions in other cats and humans, they are very expressive (you’ll see if you know how to read cat body language), and are known to be able to manage their emotions well.  They do it so well that a lot of people argue that cats can teach human children a thing or two about emotional intelligence.

Are cats smarter than dogs?

This is a debate that will never be settled.  The best way to say this is that, they’re intelligent in different ways.  Dogs have always been great at learning how to follow to human commands, while cats, it can be argued, are training US.  Jokes aside, cats are curious to a fault, highly independent, intuitive and are excellent hunters.  Who’s to say one kind of intelligence is better than the other?

At the end of the day, cats and dogs deserve nothing but our love, no matter how smart they are.

How can I test my cat’s intelligence?

Here are some fun exercises to see just how smart your cat is:

  1. Hidden object.  Take your cat’s favorite toy, show it to them, and hide it behind a piece of cardboard.  If they go look for the toy behind the cardboard instead of thinking that the toy is just lost to the void forever, that means your cat’s pretty smart.
  2. Can opener.  During a mealtime, place an unopened can of cat food near your cat’s bowl.  If they wait for you to open it instead of trying (and failing) to open it themselves, then they definitely know how the world works.


There are a lot of smart cat breeds out there.  Out of the three we’ve looked at today, one thing is for sure.  In order to keep up with a highly intelligent cat, you, as the owner, must be willing to supply them with the mental (and physical) stimulation they need to keep healthy and happy.

What is the smartest cat breed?

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