Do Maine Coon cats smell?

Do Maine coon cats smell?

Remember Phoebe’s song, “Smelly Cat,” from Friends? Is it true that cats are usually stinky creatures?

Actually no, cats are known for keeping themselves clean through their regular grooming. However, that doesn’t mean they might not get a bit stinky once in a while.

So your Maine Coon kind of stinks? Now what? Is it something you feed her? It could be, but it’s not just their diet that affects their smell. There quite a lot of reasons why your Maine Coon cat might smell. Let’s look at a few.

What are the main reasons a Maine Coon smells? 

There is usually a reason behind your cat’s stink, so here are a couple potential problem areas.

The litter box

If your Maine Coon cat is using a litter box, you should make sure that it is always clean. Otherwise the mess from the uncleaned box could get stuck on your cat’s fur and cause them to be smelly.

Stomach problems 

Not all cats can tolerate all foods. Just like humans, certain foods don’t agree with certain cats and this is one of the main problems we can encounter which also causes them to smell. Sometimes, their stomachs just don’t like what they eat. 

If your cat seems to have stomach issues, check the label on food you’re giving them and think about feeding her a better cat food with more nutrients.

Dental problems

Just because they are animals does not mean they do not need dental hygiene. Maybe your cat ate stinky food that’s giving it bad breath, but it could be something much more serious. Young cats can struggle from dental problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, or even tooth resorption, when the tooth begins to break down.

Liver or kidney problems can also cause stinky breath in rare instances.

A bladder infection

Just like humans, cats can get bladder infections too, and they often have a distinct smell of either stinky feet or pee. Maybe your cat’s urine has just soaked into their long fur, but the smell could be an indication of a more serious problem like a bladder infection. These types of infections are more common with older cats. If you suspect an infection, take your Maine Coon to the vet and encourage your cat to stay hydrated! 

Ear problems

Luckily, ear-related problems are pretty easy to find. When a Maine Coon is allergic to something this can cause yeast to form, which has a very distinct smell.

Perhaps your cat was involved in a fight and got a bite on its ear, leading to an infection.

A cat can also get ear mites, which you’ll notice if they keep scratching their ears. Not to worry, though, it can be treated right at home after getting thoroughly cleaned and monitored by the vet. 

Skin problems

This one can be hard to notice because your Maine Coon’s fluffy fur probably makes it difficult to see her skin. But you should never overlook this possibility. Your cat could have skin problems related to a parasite problem or getting in a cat fight. To check your cat for skin problems, make sure you groom her regularly.

Passing gas 

Perhaps your stinky Maine Coon just has a little gas. Like the rest of us, sometimes cats fart. Unfortunately their farts are super strong and stinky.

Take note that the best way to get rid of the odors is by finding the root and fixing it. Simply ignoring a funky smell may only lead to more serious problems. 


Common questions if Maine coon cats smell

Do Maine Coon cats smell bad?

Maine Coons are not smelly felines in general. However, there is always a possibility for a cat to smell bad, due to some of the reasons mentioned above. If your Maine Coon starts to smell and you don’t know why, take her to the vet because it could actually be a sign of a serious problem.

Do Maine Coon cats make good indoor cats?

Yes, even though they’re big, they make great pets and they love to cuddle. In theory they could ruin your furniture since they’re so strong, but this is unusual. If you get an indoor Maine Coon, make sure they have enough space to play and spread out.

Do Maine coon cats shed a lot?

Yes, they shed a lot, just like other cat breeds. A Maine Coon will probably shed more than other cats, though, because they have so much fur. It’s the natural way for cats to lose dead hair, and a normal part of life as a cat owner. So make sure to have your vacuum ready! 

Maine Coons are not naturally a smelly cat breed. If you notice your Maine Coon smells bad, you have two options: ignore it and hope that it gets better by itself or investigate where it comes from. But all cat experts would tell you not to take the first option.

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