How do I keep my neighbor’s cat out of my yard?

How do I keep my neighbor's cat out of my yard?

Cats are amazing. Some consider cats as extensions of their family. Others also believe cats to be natural stress relievers.

How do you keep cats off your property?

An often used way to keep the neighbor’s cat out of your garden is with citrus. Cats do not like the smell of citrus. That means you can spread peels from lemon, orange or lime around in your yard. Especially the places you really want them to say away from.

Why you might want to keep your neighbors cat out of your yard

With their meows all around the house, cats bring happiness for sure. However, this situation is not similar to those who do not love cats at all or sometimes simply because their neighbor’s cat destroys one’s garden.

This situation is a problem in places full of cats. In this neighborhood, cats just wander and roam around the streets, neighboring houses, and on top of the roofs of some houses. This brings forth the problem of keeping your neighbor’s cat out of your yard to prevent it from damaging the plants in the garden and pooping on it that may cause an awful smell.

But how do you keep your neighbor’s cat out of your yard? Is this something that requires so much attention to do so? Is it possible to ward off your neighbor’s cat out of your yard? The answer is simple: you can keep your neighbor’s cat out of your yard by merely doing improvised remedies that can be made in thehome.

Improvised remedies to keep your neighbor’s cat out of your yard

Homemade remedies to keep your neighbor’s cat out of your yard is an excellent alternative to prevent you from spending so much money just to do the task at hand. You can simply apply the following to be effective in warding off your neighbor’s cat.

1. Use of cat-proof fence

The cat-proof fence is available in the market though it is not that cheap that everyone can afford to buy. But why buy something when you can improvise out of your creativity? You can use bamboo sticks to do it with a little bit of netting on top of it to prevent cats from jumping over the fence. I won’t be suggesting specific steps to do it because you can delve down into your creativity to make something that is too great for cats to jump off.

2. Plant flowers or trees with a strong odor

Cats have a sensitive sense of smell, so planting flowers or trees with a strong scent may prevent them from coming to your garden. This is a perfect technique since gardens naturally have plants on them. These plants are lavender, plants belonging to the citrus family, citronella, and the like.

3. Install cat repellents in your garden

Installing cat repellents in your garden can also prevent cats from entering your garden. These repellents are water deterrents, netting, and putting up spiky materials in the garden. Cats won’t love this, for they are frightened out of these materials.

These improvised materials are proven effective in keeping your neighbor’s cat from entering your yard, plus it helps you save money instead of buying costly materials to do the same job. However, if you love cats even if they are not yours, then do not hesitate to install your yard of these improvised cat repellents.

Common Asked Questions

What can I do about stray cats in my yard?

Stray and feral cats are different from your pet cats as they tend to be wild and behave violently in most cases. They do not just kill birds and mice, but they also kill other life forms, for they cannot be tamed. With these facts, it is dangerous to let stray and feral cats stay in your yard, for they can damage or destroy the natural life cycle in your garden.

As wild as they are, they rely on hunting and scavenging food anywhere. This might be the reason why they stay in your garden. So to keep them away, put some improvised cat repellents and do not put food in your garden so they can attract stray and feral cats.

Can I adopt stray cats and train them if they continuously stay in my yard for a while?

Yes, it is. You can adopt stray cats and train them as if they are your own, especially if they love staying in your yard. However, I want to make this clear to you that it is your choice to do so because stray cats can be quite hard to train. The reason for this behavior is that these stray cats are so used to the harsh environment in the streets, so taming them would require extra effort.

Moreover, if this idea gives you excitement and fun, then do not hesitate to grab some stray cats and own them as part of your family. Nothing could go wrong with it as long as you nurture and take good care of these stray cats.

Is beating a cat an effective and right way to ward off cats?

No. It’s a clear abuse of the wellness of the animal. No matter what they are, whether they are stray cats or pet cats, they do not deserve to be beaten for being trained or shooed away. They deserve to be taken care of. However, if you find it annoying to have stray cats or a cat of your neighbor in your yard, then please do have the right to keep them out as long as you do not brutally hurt that cat. Natural home remedies for cat repellents are effective techniques to keep them out. Make the most out of your creativity to keep these playful cats away.


Keeping your cute little unwanted visitors out of your yard is quite a hard job, I tell you. But with the help of improvised home remedies for cat repellents, this job can be as easy as any job out there. Remember to treat the cats right no matter how annoying they may seem. Shoo them away correctly if you want your yard free from them but do not beat them because they bleed as humans do and feel the same way.

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