Is Duck or Chicken Better for Cats?

Is duck or chicken better for cats

Nowadays, duck and chicken have become one of the most popular ingredients in many cats and dog food products, which particularly used for hypoallergenic diets. According to experts’ nutritional standpoint, duck, in particular, is used as a major substitute for turkey and chicken. Out of the new proteins being used in cat food products today, duck is considered as one of the most ideal choices due to the nutritional studies that have been conducted lately. 

Is Duck and Chicken good for your cat

It is important for your cat to get enough protein, and there is a lot of good protein in duck and chicken. Duck is basically all dark meat, which is great for cats, it’s also with a good amount of taurine, something that is really important for cats.

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Chicken, Duck, and Turkey as Part of Your Cat’s Diet 

As cat owners, feeding them is one of the most important things we should do in order to support their overall well-being. There are lots of bad things that can happen when cats don’t get appropriate nutrition. Some health issues are urinary tract problems, allergies, diabetes, and many more. A lot of pet nutritional experts prefer spending more time in educating cat owners on how to properly feed their cats instead of treating these health problems.

Cats need meat. Thus, generally speaking, the idea of feeding your cat for optimal health is to feed them a good diet that’s closer to their wildlife natural whole prey. 

Cats need protein in their diet and one of the best protein sources is in poultry meat. Most protein should come from the skeletal muscle of turkey, duck, or chicken such as the thighs and breasts. You should also make sure that organ meat is rarely given to your cat. Furthermore, turkey and chicken breast belong to the lean meat category and this is considered an excellent source of calories for your cat. Duck meat, on the other hand, has higher in fat but it’s also safe for your cats when fed more sparingly (you can learn more about duck meat below). Overall, duck, meat, and turkey are good sources of protein for your cat. 

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What Makes Duck Different Among Other Poultry Cat Food? 

What makes duck different from other poultry meat is over eighty percent of the fibers of its muscles are red, which makes it red meat. On the other hand, the legs of duck are white meat, while breasts of duck, which is also called as fillets, are very red. In comparison, the chicken’s muscle fibers are one hundred percent while, which makes it white meat.  

The fat present in duck meat also has a higher amount of monounsaturated fatty acid, which is a characteristic that puts duck meat into “meats with good quality of fats” category. Also, human studies showed that there are a lot of health benefits from monounsaturated fats and that includes cholesterol-lowering properties as well as cardiovascular health benefits.  

Furthermore, the monounsaturated fats found in duck meat have been shown to give superior oxidative resistance. This means when duck meat is used as the main ingredient for pet food, this can possibly result in flavor, shelf life, and oxidation differences, compared to other poultry products, along with needing varying types and amounts of antioxidants in order to maintain product stability. 

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Common Questions About What Meat to Feed Your Cat 

🐱 Can I Feed My Kitten Raw Chicken? 

Your kitten needs meat but if you prefer to give him raw meat, it should include natural foods such as human-grade fresh raw meat like pieces of raw chicken meat or raw diced up lamb meat. Bear in mind that raw food offered to your kittens must always be fresh.
You should also avoid giving too many raw food products until your kitten turns twenty 20 weeks old (unless the meat you provide is on the bone such as raw chicken wings). 

🐱 Which Meat is Best for Cats? 

The primary diet of cats is meat. Simply put, cat owners should always incorporate meat into their cat’s daily diet. They need to have protein from good protein sources in order to maintain a sound overall well-being.
Cats should consume meat for good vision, a healthy reproductive system, as well as a strong heart. Cooked chicken, beef, turkey, as well as some lean deli meats, are considered as the most ideal way to make sure they stay healthy. 

🐱 What Meat Should Cats Never Eat? 

What you shouldn’t give to your cat are raw fish. Just like raw eggs, raw fish and other raw meats can also contain harmful bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. Aside from that, raw fish has an enzyme that can destroy an essential vitamin B for your cat and this is called the thiamine. Continuous consumption of raw fish can lead to thiamine loss, which can result in serious neurological problems and eventually lead to coma and convulsions. 


Keep in mind that the world we live in is not perfect and we cannot always offer exactly an idea. Thus, even if it’s difficult to come up with a diet that’s completely following our recommendations, just try your best so your cat remains healthy. If you have suggestions and concerns as to our recommendations, we are open to it.  

There are still important features that you should take into consideration when feeding your cat. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a healthy cat food: 

  • Fiber-Rich  

It aids in your cat’s digestion, helping both weight and hairball control, which are the two common areas where home cats usually need help. 

  • Protein-Rich Cat Food 

Cats need protein for them to maintain a sound mind and body. Protein from natural sources such as chicken or salmon is considered the best when choosing food for your cat. 

Lastly, when you choose food for your cat, make sure that it meets his specific health needs. For example, if your cat is constantly troubled with obesity or hairballs, then choose a cat food that’s specially formulated to provide a solution to those problems. 

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