How Do I Stop My Cat’s Poop From Smelling?

How do I stop my cats poop from smelling

While stools don’t normally have a pleasant smell, at times feces or stools can smell putrid and extremely strong. The reasons why cat stools and human stools have a foul smell can be very similar. Sometimes, it can be due to the food humans and animals eat, colon bacteria, and/or serious health problems. Aside from that, the presence of excess gas and diarrhea can cause very bad odors.

Tips on How to Control Your Cat’s Litter Box Odor

The foul odor coming from your cat’s litter box can surely be the most difficult part of having a cat at home. But can you imagine if you’ll be the one to use that litter box? No wonder studies have shown that ten percent of cats stop utilizing their litter boxes at some point. While there can be behavioral or medical reasons for this problem, there’s also a big possibility that your cat not having to use a litter box most of the time is traced to a dirty litter box.

Below, you will learn some tips on how to keep your home smelling fresh and avoid litter box odor, which can make you and your cat even happier and healthier. 

Scoop Regularly

Scoop the litter box daily. Old feces and urine may not be as stinky to you as the fresh ones, but the longer you let it sit there, the more it’s smell will invade your house. So, in order to cut down the foul odor, scoop your box early and as often as possible.

Replace Litter Bi-Weekly

Even if you scoop regularly, you’re still bound to miss some so replacing the litter at least twice a week is a good solution. As a matter of fact, even a tiny bit of cat stool can get stinky over time. For you to prevent the smell from invading your once fresh home, dump out the litter regularly, wash the litter box with warm water and soap, dry it, and replace fresh litter in. Remember that you should not use ammonia-based cleaners as it can only make the smell worse.

Yearly Replacement of Your Cat’s Litter Box

Over time, the claws of your cats and your scooper can make grooves in the sides and the bottom of your cat’s litter box. Because of that, these grooves are much harder to clean and sterilize, which is why it can hold foul odor. So, no matter how you clean the rest of the litter box, there will still be areas you tend to miss due to the grooves. You can avoid this by replacing your litter box yearly and donating your used one to a rescue group or shelter.

Try Litter Deodorizers

You can use deodorizers or little baking soda in your cat’s litter box and it will surely make your house fresher. However, most cats will stop litter boxes that are heavily scented, so it’s best that you use a mild deodorizer that both you as well as your feline friend will like. Sprinkle some deodorizer over the litter right after scooping the litter box.

Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box in A Highly Ventilated Area

Most of the time, the biggest mistake most cat owners do is putting their cat’s litter box in a dark, hidden, and tiny space. The truth is that it will only allow the foul odor to concentrate. Keep the litter box in a spot with good ventilation where the odor can disperse easily and there are enough room and light for your cat.


Common Questions About How to Stop A Cat’s Poop from Smelling

What Gets Rid of the Smell of Cat Poop?

Cat’s urine and stool are so potent. Even though soap, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide might temporarily neutralize the odors, a humid day can recrystallize the uric acid and the cat odor will return. So, according to experts, the only effective way to destroy the cat’s foul-smelling uric acid and stool is to utilize an enzyme cleaner. 

Can You Throw Away Cat Poop?

Just dumping litter into the trash can won’t keep your house clean and smelling fresh. So, another way to easily and properly dispose of your cat’s litter is to simply flush it down your toilet (only if the type of litter you have is safe for septic tanks). You can check your litter bag label to find out if your label can be safely flushed down the toilet.

How Do I Keep My Home from Smelling Like My Cats?

 Keeping your home smelling fresh if you have cats doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are some of the most important tips to keep your home remain fresh despite having cats:

  • Use the right litter for your cat’s litter box.
  • Clean your cat’s litter box more frequently. Generally, if the litter box of your cat smells foul, then it has to be cleaned even more frequently (like scooping every after your cat has finished pooping).
  • Use covered litter boxes as they can do a better job when it comes to concealing odor.
  • Change your cat’s diet – you can ask more of this from your trusted vet.


 In most cases, foul-smelling stools and feces in a duration of a few days in an otherwise healthy feline are not serious. However, if foul odors together with diarrhea persist or are eventually accompanied by blood in stools, listlessness, or vomiting, then it can be an emergency. If this happens, consult your vet right away. Don’t try to treat your cat without your vet’s supervision.

How do I stop my cats poop from smelling

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