How do I get rid of the litter box smell in my house?

How do I get rid of litter box smell in my house

Do you sometimes feel like your entire home smells like your cat’s litter box? The key to getting your entire home smell clean and fresh is to get rid of your cat’s odors in furniture, carpets and the litter box. How do you remove cat odor entirely and not only cover it up? The answer is to know a bit about the science behind the odor.

Get rid of litter box smell

The way to get rid of the smell from a litter box is firstly to scoop the messy parts every day and to clean the litter box ones per week. To neutralize the odor that will still be there, the best way is to use an enzyme cleaner.

Why is my cat’s pee and poop so potent?

The urine of cats contains uric acid that can last in wood, fabric, and carpet for years. Even though soap, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide might help in temporarily neutralizing the odors, a humid day can cause the acid to recrystallize and the cat’s odor will return. According to experts, the best way to destroy the foul odor of the uric acid is to simply use an enzyme cleaner.

Soak the affected spots of the fabric or carpet in an enzyme cleaner and then let it air-dry completely. This will help remove the uric acid and turn it into gas. When you let the fabric dry naturally, the gases will evaporate, leaving your home smelling fresh again. 

As for your cat’s poop, simply sprinkle one or two spoons of baking soda on the cat litter as it will neutralize the bad odor. Make sure to change the litter regularly and put your litter box in an open, highly-ventilated space to make sure the odor will not stay insider your home.

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Tips to keep your home fresh, despite having a cat litter box

Keeping your cat’s litter box inside your home, especially if you live in an apartment, is considered a necessity. However, since your space is limited, you will probably put the box in a high-traffic spot, such as near the doorway, a closet or inside the bathroom. Since you will frequently be near your cat’s litter box, it is especially important that you keep it smelling fresh.

Scoop the litter box every day

The first step might seem too obvious, but most people are still not aware of what difference it can make. Due to the fact that an apartment has very limited space, cleaning your cat’s box regularly becomes even more essential, otherwise bad odors will spread throughout your home and become entrenched in furniture and fabrics such as your clothing and curtains.

Clean the litter box at least once a week

Aside from scooping the box daily, it’s also important to clean and disinfect it weekly. Make sure to empty out the litter from the box and throw it away. You should also use a disinfectant spray specially designed for cleaning a cat litter boxes so that it is safe for your cat and strong enough to get rid of bacteria too. You can also use a rag to soak the litter box well. Let it soak for about five minutes and then use a hose or showerhead, to rinse the cleaner. After that, completely dry the litter box and pour new litter in. 

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Common Questions About How to Get Rid of a Litter Box Smell in Your Home

Can you put baking soda in a litter box?

While you can buy deodorizers designed for litter boxes that you can often just stick on one side or the under part of your cat’s litter box, the truth is that you can save more money through using affordable baking soda instead. Each time you clean your litter box, simply sprinkle baking soda across the bottom of the litter box prior to adding in a new litter. Since your cat kicks up the litter when hes using it, it will help mix in the baking soda and destroy the odor. Aside from that, baking soda is completely safe to use since it’s non-toxic to pets.

Should I get a litter disposal system for my cat’s litter?

The most common reason why many cat owners avoid scooping the litter box of their cat regularly is that it could be potentially messy and inconvenient to dispose of litter waste. In fact, putting the waste in a garbage bag and throwing it in a trash bin inside your house does not stop the odors from invading your space and it can also cause lots of messes if the bag becomes undone or tears up. This is why a lot of cat owners nowadays are using a litter disposal system.

What happens if you don’t clean a cat’s litter box?

Aside from bacteria, the waste of a cat is also a thriving home to parasites that can cause roundworms, ringworms and hookworms in your feline friend. When you keep a dirty cat litter box at home, it is even much easier for the parasite to enter the body of your cat and land in its GI tract.


Keeping your cat’s litter box smelling fresh inside your apartment or home will definitely keep pungent odors from invading your sweet haven. All it takes is just some patience and correct techniques to prevent the bad odor from developing and spreading entirely in your home.

How do I get rid of litter box smell in my house

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