How much do Norwegian Forest cats eat?

How much do Norwegian Forest cats eat?

Norwegian Forest cats are among the biggest of the domestic cat breeds. Given that they’re larger than other cats, Wegies (Norwegian Forest cat’s short name) tend to eat more than the normal amount of food a typical domestic cat eats. However, Norwegian Forest cats are prone to obesity because of the large amount of food consumption. Read on to know more about the Norwegian Forest cat’s diet and how to prevent obesity.

What does a Norwegian Forest cat eat?

Do remember that Norwegian Forest cats share genes with the wild cats, such as lions, tigers, and leopards. Always keep this in mind while feeding your Norwegian Forest cat. You would never see a full-grown leopard, tiger, or lion in the wild eating fruits like apples, drinking milk, and eating grass.

 You would also never see a lion cub in nature drinking milk aside from its mother’s milk. As ridiculous as these examples are, you still can see some owners feed their Norwegian Forest cats with typical cat food. You shouldn’t expect your Wegies at home to be happy and excited when you give them that kind of food. Norwegian Forest cats are different from humans and dogs; they don’t eat the same way.

 Compared to what their owners should be eating, these cats need to eat a lot of meat for protein and fat. But you’ll find owners that feed their Norwegian Forest cat the same way they feed dogs or themselves, even though this breed’s diet is much more restrictive. Dog food is mainly carbohydrates, so a dog-like diet can be unhealthy and fatal to your Norwegian Forest cat if fed to them daily. 

They are not meant to eat carbs, and it will be hard to process them. Carbs intake can get them extreme weight problems, which can lead to diabetes. In short, the Norwegian Forest cat must avoid carbs at all costs.   

How to satisfy your Wegie’s taste buds?

Make sure that the food you get for your cat meets the guidelines of the American Association of

Feed Control Officials. Following the requirements will ensure that your cat is receiving the right food. It is not that necessary to stick with marketing terms like “natural,” ” super-premium,” “premium,” and etc., which have no proper set definition. 

And to make more sure, try asking your vet which type of cat food (wet or dry) they would suggest for your feline friend. When you’ve made your choice, let your Wegie do a cat food taste test. If your cat takes and likes it and doesn’t show any discomfort while eating, then the food is an excellent choice. 

However, if your cat doesn’t take the food you give them, you need to provide other options. If your cats don’t like the food you offered, they might lead to hunger. They might stop eating, and a high risk of liver failure or death may occur. If you ever decided to switch foods, you must bring in the new food bit by bit, in small proportion over a week. This will make it easier for your cat to adjust.

Diet plan for your Wegie

To know how much food is needed to feed your cat, consider these questions. Is your Wegies an outdoor or indoor cat? Has your Wegies been spayed or neutered? By this, you’ll be able to know the nutritional requirements of your Norwegian Forest cat. But it is best to consult your veterinarian, who’ll define your cat’s ideal daily calorie count and weight. 

Once you determine how much food is needed to feed your cat, you have to stick to that. Even though it looks like it’s not enough, time will pass; they will get used to it and will settle with the right weight for them. Don’t let your Norwegian Forest cat get overweight because it is hard for them to lose weight, just keep them at a healthy size. 

Make a schedule for your cat’s meal. Norwegian Forest cat likes eating all day. You can give them half food for the morning and the other half of their food for the evening. Don’t give too much with snacks, either because giving them many treats they might stray from their diet.  

When deciding what food your Norwegian Forest cat should eat, never forget that they are predators. If you don’t stick to this, they may reject the food you prepared for them. You might struggle to give your Norwegian forest cat food that is not meat or any food formulated from meat products.

 You should feed them two meals per day. Don’t allow them to have access to their food unattended or to let them have free-feeding sessions. Some cats become overweight because of this type of feeding. The best way for this is to provide your Wegies with a measured amount of food on a regular schedule.

To know the amount of food to feed your cat, look to the suggested feeding amount on the cat food’s packaging, take that, and then divide the amount in half. To those cats that weigh between 5 to 9 lb, you might need to give 2/3 cup of their food daily. Divide this amount into two separate meals. Give your cat 1/3 cup for breakfast and 1/3 cup for dinner.

It’s good to provide them small portions because this will make it more likely that your cat will eat the food you give to them. And it’s best to visit your Norwegian forest cat’s vet for a more specific recommendation on how much to feed your cat.

Common Questions about Norwegian Forest cats

Are Norwegian Forest cats expensive?  

Norwegian Forest cat costs around $75-$100 to adopt them. On the other hand, if you were to buy this breed from a breeder, it can be costly; the price would be $600-$1,200 range.

Are Norwegian Forest cats talkative?

Norwegian Forest cat is not very vocal, they don’t meow a lot, and they have a soft voice. But they can be chatty sometimes. They are not afraid of making their needs known.

So if you want a cat that doesn’t meow a lot and doesn’t need much attention, this breed is perfect for you. 

Do Norwegian Forest cats like to play in the water?

 Norwegian Forest cat has a water-resistant and thick coat, which keeps their body warm and dry, and sometimes they would swim. They are also known to catch fish from streams or lakes.

These cats likes to play in water, this brings them back to their roots- hunting in the wild forest of Norway. Until today they still got that instinct and their affinity with water.

Wrapping up

Norwegian Forest cats are a natural cat breed. They descended from the wild seas and forests until they’ve become domesticated. Understanding your cat’s origin plays an important role in providing them the right amount and type of food to eat. These cats eat a lot compared to other cat breeds because of their large size. And to avoid health risks that can be brought by obesity, it’s important to feed them by following the right diet plan according to their size and age.

How much do Norwegian Forest cats eat?


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