How much does it cost to feed a Maine coon?

How much does it cost to feed a Maine coon?

To have a happy and healthy Maine coon is making sure you feed and take good care of your cat. Taking care of your cat needs full-time commitment and responsibility. It is important to understand and learn about your pet and their diets. 

Maine coons are big and fluffy cats! This is why it’s easy to think that we need to give them loads of food that cost a lot of money. This is not really true.

However, based on the guidelines provided by Maine coon breeders, adult cats should eat 30 calories per pound of body weight per day. If you look at the prices of popular cat food, it will cost about $1000 dollars. Sounds bothering, right? But don’t worry it’s per year! 

Not all fur parents have enough money to buy high-quality foods for their cat. Even if some brands are specifically for Maine coons, prices vary whether you choose wet or dry food.

Owning a Maine coon does not stop at food expenses, but there are also other expenses that you should get ready for! 

Other Maine coon expenses you should be ready for

  • Medical insurance. Though not required, it is highly recommendable for the owners to purchase medical pet insurance. It will not only include conditions that may recur but it will cover your cat for life. Expect it to cost around $25 per month.
  • Microchips. Even if most Maine coons are kept indoors, you should still look into having them microchipped. There’s always a possibility for your cat to go missing. It is so much easier to find your cat using the unique number on their chip that is registered to your name and address. It costs about $45. 
  • Maine coon cat travel carriers. Maine coons are not comfortable being left alone at home. This is why you need a travel carrier to commute with your Maine coon. A large travel carrier is recommendable, expect it to cost around $28. 
  • Vaccinations and annual health check costs. You should update your Maine coons’ vaccination and annual health check-ups. If you combine the boosters and annual check-ups, it amounts to nearly $150. 
  • Unexpected health problems or accidents. The sad reality of owning a pet is you’ll never know what happens next to them. The vet fees can run into thousands of dollars for relatively minor operations. 
  • Cat beds and toys. Who can resist those cute beds and toys for cats? A bed can cost up to $25, depending on the design you will get. No matter what age a Maine coon can get, they won’t stop playing. To be safe from furniture scratches, buy them toys instead. You can get a basic one for $50. If you want to save up, there are also a lot of cost-free toys to entertain your cat! 
  • Grooming kits. If you have Maine coon, you should consider regular grooming. You don’t need to go and pay for a professional grooming session unless you want to hurt your pocket. A good grooming brush for your Maine coon can cost for around $16. 


Common questions about how much it costs to feed a Maine coon

How much food should I feed my Maine coon?

Fun fact! Despite the size of a Maine coon, they don’t eat a lot when you take their size and weight into account! How much food you give to your Maine coon should depend on the type of food you will give them. The higher the quality food is, the nutritionally dense. Maine coon needs less to get calories and nutrition they need on a daily basis. However, be sure to check the packaging of the food you buy to see what amount of food they advise.

How expensive is a Maine coon?

The Maine coon cat has no generally fixed price worldwide. Its price may vary depending on where you buy it. If you get them from an official breeder, it can cost from $1400 taken mid-way between $800 and $2000. If you buy them from the shelter, it can cost $100. However, buying Maine coons from non-breeders may just lead to you doubting about their lineage.

Why do Maine coons eat so much?

A Maine coon has high energy which also means they have a fast metabolism. However, there could also be other reasons why your Maine coon demands more food. 

  • Not getting enough of dietary requirements
  • Intestinal worm
  • Digestive problems
  • Not having a proper meal schedule

If you see any of these signs, it should be checked out properly. 

Investment is not all about money but also your love and time. Taking care of Maine coon is an investment until your cat grows. But don’t worry, it’s worth every cent having this gentle giant roaming around your house! 

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