How to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix

How to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix

You notice the prominently visible “M” on the forehead of your cat and the bunch of fluffy hair in it, and you start thinking it’s a Maine Coon cat. 

Over natural processes, the Maine Coon has been interbred with the Persian, Norwegian and other species. In reality, it is hard to determine if you own a pure or mixed breed unless you purchased your cherished feline from a registered Maine Coon breeder. 

This is the best way to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix

The best way to figure out how much Maine Coon your cat is by taking a DNA test. It is easy and not too expensive to get. A DNA test will tell you if your cat is a mix or not, but can also give you information about its health.

You can get a DNA test for you cat here.

What sets purebred Maine Coons apart from mixed breeds

In recent surveys, 40% of readers stated that their cat was a mixed breed. This only shows that there is a strong possibility that some Maine Coons were born of mixed lineage. While there is nothing wrong about half-Maine Coon cats, it is important to know if the Coon you’re eyeing is worth its price.

How do you make sure if your Maine Coon is mixed or purebred

Here are the following traits, appearances and characteristics that will help you determine if your beloved feline is a Maine coon.

Size: A mix might be smaller

This is the most important feature in distinguishing purity. Maine Coon cats are called “gentle giants” for a reason. Purebred will be visibly larger than the average cat. A male coon cat will usually weigh around 13-18 pounds and 9-12 pounds for females. They also have very large paws covered with fur. A purebred Maine Coon also has muscular frames and a rectangular body, while a mixed Maine Coon will most likely have a smaller size.

Ears: A purebreed ears resembles a Bobcat

You should look at their ears closely. Notice the ear tips as well as the big puffs inside their ears. It resembles a bobcat. Though not all of Maine coon cats have ear tufts, majority of them do. Another common physical trait of a Maine Coon cat is having lots of hair coming out of their ears, allowing them to survive the harsh weather. 

Head: A little longer

A purebred Maine Coon’s head is a little longer than it is wide when compared to that of a mixed-breed. Most of them have a distinct mark “M” on their foreheads.

Fur: A Maine Coone Mix are less water resistant

Did you know that purebred Maine Coons’ fur is semi-water resistant? They do not even bother sleeping under a dripping rain. Their long, thick fur normally sheds once in a while, which does not make them any less cuddly. 

Mane: Purebreeds have fuller and fluffier manes

Another distinguishable trait of a Maine Coon is its lion-like mane. Most Coons are called “little lions” because of the fur around their neck. Their manes are longer than the rest of the fur in their muscular body. Purebred Maine Coons have fuller and fluffier manes than mixed Coons.

Eyes: Maine Coon mixed cats have smaller eyes

Purebred Maine Coons have the eyes of a wild predator, large and slightly rounded. Their distinct eyes have this intelligent look in them, and are usually green, copper and gold colored. On the other hand, a Maine Coon with mixed lineage will have smaller eyes.

Tail: A mix has a less fluffy tail

A purebred Maine coon has a very long, bushy and voluminous tail. A mixed Maine Coon’s tail, on the contrary, is simply not as fluffy and busy as it should be.

Personality: Intelligent cats

Despite their size, these beautiful giants are naturally intelligent and playful. Their big and jolly personalities make them the “dog of the cat world”. They are not your typical aloof cats. 

These are the key factors worth considering to check whether or not your Maine Coon cat is a mix with another breed. If you are still in doubt, you can also identify them through a DNA testing kit. 

Common questions on how to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon mix

How big will a Maine Coon mix get?

A purebred Maine coon is large even as kittens. They have this strong and muscular build in them. They usually weigh 18 pounds and 40 inches long including their bushy tail. Meanwhile, mixed lineage Maine Coons won’t surpass the size of a purebred. They would most likely have a smaller frame or torso.

How long do Maine Coon mixes live?

Truth to be told, the lives of a cat depends on how you take care of them, barring any genetic abnormalities. Maine Coons are generally healthy. Research shows that the average lifespan of these cats ranges between 10-12 years. Then again, reaching optimum longevity depends on the kind of diet the cat is served and the amount of exercise they get.

How old is this in human years? Try out our calculator, to find out how old your Maine coon cat is.

How much is a Maine Coon mix?

Maine Coons are generally expensive. However, prices vary depending on many factors. The ranges can have a significant difference depending upon what type of Maine coon mix is for you. For instance, purebred Maine Coons cost way more than a Maine Coon mix. It is also a major consideration whether or not there is a certificate from the vet ensuring that the kitten has been vaccinated properly. A purebred may cost $400-$500, while a Maine Coon cat mix costs between $200-$300. 

If you have always wanted a Maine Coon but feel like it is too expensive, it is worth considering getting yourself a Maine Coon mix. Despite their obvious differences, Maine Coon mixes are equally adorable as purebred ones. You get the same cuddles without hurting your pocket as much.

Is my cat a Munchkin and Maine Coon mix?

The way a Munchkin Maine coon mix ends up, can vary a lot, because of the big difference between the two types of breeds. The best way to be sure if you have a mix between a Munchkin and a Maine Coon is with a DNA breed test.

You can get a DNA test for you cat here.

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