How much does Maine Coon cat weigh?

How much does Maine Coon cat weigh?

Maine Coon, known for its large body and pleasing nature, is among the most famous local felines in the world. Maine Coon kittens are naturally huge and muscular when compared to other breeds. 

When they reach full physical maturation at 4-5 years old, their growth rate from childhood to adulthood is much slower than any other breeds. 

Maine Coons size differences occur between the sexes and genetics. These are among the standard bases of their weight range. Genetics does not necessarily mean that a cat will weigh just as much as its parents, although it remains to be an important factor in both weight and length of the cat. 

  • Female Maine Coons typically weigh around 10-18 pounds with a maximum growth range between 8 and 14 inches. Though they can match the length of the male Coons, they can not be tall as male. 
  • Male Maine Coons have a leaner physique compared to females. When fully grown and in between three to five years, these cats normally weigh around 15-25 pounds. 

In a scientific explanation for the growth appearance of the Maine Coon cats, the square-cube principle states that when an object grows in size, the volume of the object grows at a faster rate than the surface area. 

This could possibly explain the sizes of these cats as well as the rapid growth observed in them, which could also be partially attributed to in-house breeding. The next thing we have to make sure of is how to ensure their maximum growth. 

What factors affect Maine Coon weight?


The problem with some owners is they love to spoil their cats. In fact, obesity is a major problem in Maine Coon cats. If a proper diet is not followed, you will end up with a fat cat, not a healthy cat. 

The question is, how much should you be feeding your Maine Coon? Meats such as chicken and fish have less saturated fat and need to be part of their regular diet but it should always be in moderation. It should be controlled and should be adjusted for different life stages of cats. 


Unlike people, cats don’t go to the gym. This is why as owners, we should promote plenty of exercise along with their food. 

Maine Coons are known for their energetic trait and they need to be stimulated in their play. Their playful nature is already a good form of exercise. 

Even if your pet has a healthy diet and a good weight, working out is still essential especially for the Maine Coons kept indoors. This helps the cat avoid health conditions they might be still prone to, like arthritis. 

On the other hand, If the cat is allowed outdoors, then it will get all the exercise it needs climbing, chasing and exploring, 


A purebred Maine Coon is, of course, more expensive. They also have a higher chance of displaying the features of the Coons. Purebred Maine Coons are downright gigantic, with lynx-like tips and a friendly nature compared to Coons with a mixed lineage which only shows few of those features. 


Common questions about how much a Maine Coon weighs

Why are Maine Coons so big compared to other cats?

Without a doubt, a Maine Coon would win a size comparison against the average cats. One factor that makes them look so big is their long and shaggy multi-layered fur. There is also no doubt that they look so huge compared to other cat breeds because they are capable of weighing 25 pounds. However, just like any other cat breeds, it depends on how much activity they do and the kind of diet they follow. 

Are Maine Coons dangerous?

Maine Coons are not dangerous or aggressive. Yes, they may grow into larger creatures and may look intimidating but they remain adorable and cuddly at the same time.They are actually the ideal breed for first-time cat owners. Kids may actually be scared of them for the first time because of how gigantic they are as a cat, but they do love attention. They will even enjoy walking with you. In short, they are big but lovable. 

Should Maine Coons only eat dry food?

Some people like the idea of feeding their cats dry food. Dry food may look unhealthy, but is actually fine as long it is complete and balanced. Always make sure that you put down plenty of fresh water everyday as you try to mix wet and dry food. A little fresh food is better than none.

Every parent makes sure that their kids grow tall and reach their full potential. It so happens that even the Maine Coon cat owners badly want the same for their lovely cat. The growth of Maine Coon is influenced by a wide spectrum of factors. Good nutrition and regular exercise will ensure the cat that grows healthy and builds a strong character.

A fully grown Maine Coon cat might be intimidating along with their intelligent eyes and exaggerated pointed ears. In reality, they are still the “gentle giants” with adorable eyes and large paws.

How much does Maine Coon cat weigh?

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