How to tell if your cat is a Balinese?

how to tell if your cat is a balinese

The Balinese cat is a popular pet famous for their distinct appearance and friendly temperament. Many breeders consider them as a variety of the Siamese cat, thanks to their striking similarities. However, because of this, it can be challenging to distinguish them from Siamese cats.

Balinese cats’ most distinct attributes are their coat length, muscular body, wedge-shaped head, large pointy ears, and unique pointed color pattern. 

A brief history of the Balinese cat breed

When breeders discovered that some Siamese cats have a spontaneous genetic mutation for long-haired coats that are unusual for their breed, they decided to breed them selectively, resulting in the Balinese cat breed. One of the two breeders that developed the cat breed in the 1950s decided to name the breed after Balinese dancers thanks to their beauty and grace. 

Physical characteristics of Balinese cats

Coat colors

A Balinese cat can have various coat colors, including blue, chocolate, dark gray, and lilac, the same color variations as Siamese cats. However, unlike a Siamese cat, a Balinese cat will always have a plumed tail in one solid color. 

Coat length and texture

Balinese cats have silky long-haired coats, similar to those of Siamese cats, except for the long fur. Balinese cats only shed moderately, making them easier to groom and take care of than other long-haired cat breeds. 

Eye color

Like Siamese cats, Balinese cats have distinct eye colors that range from pale blue to sapphire or violet. However, the intensity of their eye colors changes slightly depending on their age and diet. 

Head shape 

A distinct feature of the Balinese cat is their head’s structure. They have a wedge-shaped head and slanted eyes, similar to a modern Siamese cat. Balinese cats also have big and triangular-shaped ears. 

Long body

Besides their wedge-shaped head and plumed tail, another distinct feature that a Balinese cat has is their long bodies. They are generally medium-sized felines that can weigh around 5 to 10 pounds (2.5 to 5 kilograms). They have a slim torso and legs, which is relatively longer than Siamese cats. Moreover, they tend to be more muscular and thinner. 

Long hind legs

Balinese cats love to climb and play around other cats and humans. They’re a bit faster than most domesticated felines thanks to their thin and long hind legs, which are higher than their front legs. Balinese cats have oval-shaped paws. 

Personality of Balinese cats

Friendly cats

Balinese cats are highly social and naturally friendly. Unlike other felines, they like being in the company of humans. So, if you have a cat that likes following you around and likes curling up on your lap, they could definitely be a Balinese cat.

In essence, this friendly cat breed doesn’t like being left alone without company, whether it’s other animals or their human owners. 

Balinese cats are vocal

Balinese cats tend to be a “chatty” breed, meaning they like to meow often to communicate with others and demand attention. Besides communicating, Balinese cats also display their discomfort by meowing loudly. If you suspect your cat of being Balinese, expect them to greet you with a happy meow every time they see you. 

Loves to play and climb indoors

Balinese cats tend to be extremely active and full of energy. These felines like playing with their human owners and other animals. However, despite their active tendencies, they do best when kept indoors and given plenty of space. 


Balinese cats are a naturally intelligent breed, meaning training them is a breeze. They’re one of the few cats that you can walk around with a leash.

They can also quickly learn tricks and as funny as it sounds, they can sometimes play tricks you. 

They love to have interactive and challenging activities for entertainment. These cats have a lot of drive and courage to not give up on any challenges or obstacles you offer them.

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Common questions about Balinese cats

Are Balinese cats hypoallergenic?

Many people will expect that these long-haired cats will trigger allergies. However, Balinese cats are considered to be hypoallergenic. The reason behind this is the minimal shedding of their hair. Compared to other long-haired cats, Balinese cats don’t produce that much of Fel d1 protein, which is the most common allergen from cats.

Do Balinese cats need a lot of grooming?

Balinese cats don’t require that much grooming. Some might think that these cats need a lot of grooming because of their long, silky coats, but they actually only need to be brushed once to twice a week. This will remove the dead hair and help reduce shedding. 

They also don’t need frequent baths. Twice a month is enough for their long coats. 

However, when it comes to dental care, Balinese cats may need daily brushing and cleaning of their teeth. This is necessary to avoid periodontal problems in your feline friend. 

Where can I get a Balinese cat?

You should be careful when choosing where to get your first Balinese cat because these cats can have quite a number of health issues if acquired from somewhere other than a reputable breeder in your area.

This cat breed is a bit expensive, so in order to avoid waste of money, it’s best to inquire or ask around your area for a reputable breeder or from someone who has bought a Balinese cat before.  

If you prefer to adopt one from a rescue organization, you can check out their websites online, just make sure to check the credibility of the website first.

Do Balinese cats have health problems?

The Balinese cat breed is generally healthy. However, they may have some health problems similar to their ancestors, the Siamese cats.

They may be prone to a hereditary neurological defect that can lead to crossed eyes. They might also suffer from dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart disease which reduces the cat’s heart’s ability to pump.

Another hereditary health issue of the Balinese cats is the liver amyloidosis, which can cause liver failure.

Wrapping up

To identify if your cat is Balinese, you must check their distinctive features, including their colored-point coats like those of Siamese cats. The only difference is that Balinese cats are long-haired cats. They also have a wedge-shaped head and slightly slanted blue eyes. These cats can also be identified by looking for their friendly, playful, intelligent, and inquisitive nature.

how to tell if your cat is a balinese

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