What is the difference between an Arabian Mau and an Egyptian Mau?

What is the difference between arabian mau and egyptian mau

Egyptian Mau cats are famous for their naturally spotted coats and vocal personalities. Arabian Mau cats boast large, pointed ears and energetic temperaments. These two adorable felines share the same characteristic of being pure natural-breed cats, but they have many differences. 

Read on to learn more about the comparison between these two precious cats.

Egyptian Mau and Arabian Mau origins

Egyptian Maus and Arabian Maus are both survivors of time. Egyptian Mau cats originated from ancient Egypt and have existed since 1100 B.C., while the Arabian Mau cats hail from the Arabian Peninsula and have been wandering in the deserts for over 1000 years.

Egyptian Mau vs. Arabian Mau: size and appearance


Egyptian Mau cats are head-turners with their bewitching gooseberry-green eyes. While Arabian Mau cats’ eyes are often light-green, they also have various eye colors, which match their coats’ color most of the time.

There is also a difference in the shape of their eyes. Egyptian Mau cats have round, almond-shaped eyes that are positioned at an angle. And Arabian Mau cats have relatively larger, slightly slanted oval-shaped eyes.

Body structure

When it comes to body structure, both have a muscular build. However, these two felines differ in size. Arabian Maus are larger felines than Egyptian Maus.

 Arabian Mau cats have a firm and massive body. They weigh an average of 10-15 pounds and a typical height of 12-14 inches. 

On the other hand, Egyptian Mau cats are small to medium-sized with a lean and long body. Their average height goes up to 8-10 inches and they generally weigh about 7-9 pounds when they reach maturity.


These feline breeds don’t require much grooming. Their coats barely shed and are short to medium in length. But you can tell Arabian Mau cats apart from Egyptian Mau cats by comparing their coat colors and qualities. 

Arabian Mau cats have a remarkable single-layered glossy coat. They have a wide range of coat colors and patterns, the most prominent colors of their fur are any combination of white, grey, black, and brown. And tabby is the most common pattern of their coat.

While Egyptian Mau cats are the only domesticated felines with naturally dotted coats, their coats come in 4 significant varieties of shade. You can see them in brown, white, black, and smoke color. Random oblong or round spots with no fixed patterns and a black stripe mark along their spines add to their coats’ distinction.


Egyptian Maus feature a wedge-shaped head with medium to large ears on top of it. In comparison, the Arabian Mau cats display a round-shaped head with notably large and pointed ears.


Although Egyptian Maus and Arabian Maus have the same long and lean legs for running fast and climbing in high places, their legs differ in structure. Egyptian Mau cats’ hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs giving them the look of being on their tip-toes when standing upright. 

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Differences in personality and behavior

Besides the differences in physical attributes between these two feline breeds, you can also tell them apart by looking at their behavior and personality differences. Both cat breeds have a pleasant temperament. They’re loving and affectionate with their family members.

Egyptian Mau cats are exceptionally vocal and loyal to their owners, but only on their own terms. These felines love sitting on your lap when there’s an opportunity. But they also have a sensitive soul. They hate loud sounds or abrupt movements. Egyptian Maus can be shy with strangers and wary of new pets in your household.

In contrast to the aloof Egyptian Mau, Arabian Mau cats have a more outgoing personality. They always seek attention from their family members and love to explore. However, Arabian Mau cats are not vocal. They tend to be more talkative instead. But compared to Egyptian Mau cats, these felines are sociable and get along very well with strangers, enjoying the company of other pets, including dogs.

Egyptian Mau and Arabian Mau similarities

You’ve learned everything you need to know regarding the differences between these two cat breeds. Now, let’s have a look at the similar characteristics of the Egyptian Mau and the Arabian Mau.

  • Both cat breeds are exceptionally active by nature. They are agile and can jump to high places.
  • They are intelligent cat breeds and always do well at interactive games and toys.
  • Arabian Mau and Egyptian felines are both skilled hunters, so it’s best to keep your small pets out of their reach.
  • They both have a stylish long tail that is thick at the base and tapers towards the tip.

Common questions about Egyptian Maus and Arabian Maus

How long does an Arabian Maus live?

Arabian Mau cats are exceptionally energetic and healthy felines. Endless energy usually means an active and long life. These cats can live to around 14 to 15 years. And if housed inside and the good health is maintained, Arabian Mau cats can live up to 20 years at the very most.

Do Egyptian Maus have powers?

Legend has it that the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Maus. The artifacts found by experts supported this myth. While it may not be magical, the domesticated Egyptian Mau boasts a remarkable power of scent, sight, and hearing. They are highly intelligent and have a compassionate soul. They can sense the needs and emotions of their families, be it fellow felines or humans.

How fast can an Egyptian Mau run?

Egyptian Mau cats are the fastest among the domesticated cat breeds. Experts clocked an Egyptian Mau running with a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. They can run at this speed with the help of their long and lean legs. Plus, the extra skin between their belly and hind legs allows them to extend their legs wider when running.

Final thoughts

It’s not that hard to distinguish the differences between these two well-known felines. Both have a lot of characteristics in common but are still distinct from each other. The striking gooseberry-green eyes, naturally-spotted coat, and being aloof with strangers are some of the distinct qualities that distinguish the Egyptian Mau from the Arabian Mau.

What is the difference between arabian mau and egyptian mau

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