How to tell if your cat is a Ragamuffin?

how to tell if your cat is a ragamuffin

Ragamuffins are a relatively new cat breed that have a similarity to Ragdoll cats. They are docile and calm cats, making them a perfect companion for the family and even children. You can also tell if your cat is a Ragamuffin by checking their unique physical features, such as their long and thick coat, heavy-boned body, long tails, and variety of coat patterns and colors.


At first, Ragamuffins were simply known as a variant of Ragdoll cats. But breeders wanted to develop a new cat breed with new colors and patterns and widen the Ragamuffins’ gene pool.

Ann Baker, the founder of the Ragdoll cat breed, strictly controlled Ragdoll breeding. That’s why some breeders wanted to introduce a new cat breed apart from the Ragdoll. The breeders formed a new group to develop the Ragamuffin breed. They out-crossed to Himalayans, Persians and longhaired domestic cats. 

The result is a new cat breed with increased size and variety of colors and patterns, which separate them from the Ragdolls. And they gave the name “Ragamuffin” to the new cat breed to honor the breed where they had their foundation.

The Ragamuffin cat breed was first recognized by the United Feline Organization, followed by the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA), the Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF), and the American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE). The Ragamuffin received full recognition in February 2011 from the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).


Coat colors and patterns 

Ragamuffin cats come in various coat colors and patterns, including tabby, tortie, solid, bi-color (piebald), tri-color (calico), and colorpoint. However, all Ragamuffins are born with a pure white coat. Their true coat color will show over a period of time. Their fur is almost rabbit-soft, silky, and has a very light texture, which gives them a luxurious appearance.

The colorpoint Ragamuffin has a generally light-colored body and dark-colored extremities, including the face, paws, tails, and ears. While all four of the bicolor Ragamuffin’s legs are usually white.

White paws

Check your cat’s paws. Most of the felines in the Ragamuffin family have white paws. However, remember that there are different varieties of Ragamuffin colors and patterns.

Body structure

Ragamuffin cats appear larger than they actually are because of their long and plush coat. They have a muscled and heavy-boned body.

Male Ragamuffins are larger than females. Male Ragamuffins weigh around 20 pounds, while female Ragamuffins weigh about 12 pounds. This cat breed matures at a very slow rate and won’t reach full maturity until 4 to 5 years old.

A long and fluffy tail

Ragamuffin tails are long and appear larger than their actual size because of their long and luxurious hair. Their tails have a plush or fluffy texture because of the massive volume of hair.

Head structure

Ragamuffin cats have heads with a modified wedge shape. They have small and pointed ears, which sit on the top of their heads. Their eyes are round and larger than other domestic cat breeds and come in blue or green colors. The hair around their necks is thicker, so it often looks like a collar or mane.


Cuddly lap cats

The Ragamuffins are great lap cats. They love to follow their human companion around the house and can become cuddly whenever possible. These cats are certified huggable because of their long and plush coat.

Dog-like personality

These cats are often labeled as having a dog-like personality because of their smart and sweet behavior. They like to greet their family members and even visitors at the door. Ragamuffin cats are very friendly, and they like to be involved in interactive activities, such as playing fetch, walking on a leash, and learning tricks.

Calm and docile 

These cats are known for their docile and calm nature. They are mellow cats but require a lot of attention at the same time. Ragamuffin cats like to be held and completely flop around your arms like a baby. With their mellow manner, these cats are very unlikely to have aggressive tendencies. 

Common health concerns of Ragamuffins

Ragamuffins are generally healthy cats. However, just like any cat breed, these cats can have hereditary health issues that can also indicate whether your cat is a Ragamuffin.

Ragamuffins are often susceptible to polycystic kidney disease that can lead to kidney failure. They are also prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, causing the cats’ heart muscle to thicken and lead to heart failure.

Common questions about Ragamuffins

Are Ragamuffins easy to care for?

Ragamuffin cats don’t actually require much grooming. Despite their long and luxurious coat, their fur doesn’t shed that much. Their fur is tangle resistant because of their coats’ silky and unusual texture. A short and gentle brushing session once a week is enough for their long coats to avoid matting.

Just like any other cats, Ragamuffins’ ears and teeth need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning gently once they become dirty will make your cat feel more comfortable.

Can ragamuffin cats be left alone?

Ragamuffin cats are very affectionate to their family members. Despite their calm personality, these cats require a lot of attention, such as playing, cuddling, and interactive activities. And because of their love of interaction, they may misbehave or become depressed if left alone for a long time. So, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and the cat’s breed before adopting or buying one.

How friendly are ragamuffin cats?

Ragamuffins are known for their docile, affectionate, and friendly personality. They always love being around their human companion and can follow you all around the house like a dog. These cats can quickly get along well with visitors, children, and other house pets.

You can find them waiting at the door to greet you and they love to curl up on your lap whenever possible. They are cuddly and love to play. Ragamuffins can be vocal whenever they need something. 

Your unique Ragamuffin

You can tell if your cat is Ragamuffin by checking on their unique traits and features. These cats are known for their long and luxurious coat that may come in various colors and patterns. Their eyes only come in two colors, green and blue. Ragamuffins’ are heavy-boned and muscular, and they look larger because of their thick coats. Their most remarkable trait is their docile, calm, affectionate, and friendly personality.

how to tell if your cat is a ragamuffin

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