How do you tell if your cat is an Arabian Mau?

How do you tell if my cat is an Arabian Mau?

Arabian Mau cats are a natural cat breed that’s been wandering around Arabian deserts for over a thousand years. They are medium-sized cats with three significant color variants that come in tabby, white, and bicolor. Arabian Mau cats are notably active and friendly, whether they are indoor or outdoor cats.

Identifying your Arabian Mau

If you want to know if your cat is an Arabian Mau, you must check their physical appearance and behavioral qualities. Let’s find out everything you need to learn about Arabian Mau cats.

Physical attributes of Arabian Mau cats

Firm and large body structure

Arabian Mau cats are characterized as medium-sized cats with a firm body structure and not as slender as other cat breeds. On average, male Arabian Mau weighs 9-16 pounds, whereas females are 8-14 pounds, with an average height of 12-14 inches.

These cats also feature long and muscular legs with oval-shaped paws to hunt prey and climb up to high places.

Short and glossy coat

Arabian Mau cats are remarkable for their firm but glossy and short coat, which lies close to their skin. Their fur comes in only one layer with no undercoat, and it barely sheds. This type of coat fits perfectly in the hot weather on the Arabian Peninsula.

Arabian Mau cats have a wide range of colors and patterns of coats. Most of the time, their coat color depends on the environment where they need to blend in. However, the most prominent colors of Arabian Mau cats are a combination of white, grey, brown, and black. You can also find them in red, white, black, and brown tabby.

Large and pointed ears

The most distinct characteristics of Arabian Mau cats are their large, pointed ears. The structure of their ears helps them remove some of the excess heat from their body, given that they are native to a scorching environment.

Round-shaped head

Arabian Mau cats have a round-shaped head with a concave curved nose. They also have striking whisker pads (the pretty soft pads where the whiskers grow). 

Oval-shaped eyes

Their eyes are usually bright and light green in color. However, they can have any regular eye color. Most of the time, their eyes’ color matches the color of their coat. Arabian Maus’ eyes are large, oval in shape, and are somewhat slanted.

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Arabian Mau cats’ temperament and personality

Affectionate and loving

These cats have a very charming personality. They are affectionate and loving cats, and remarkably devoted to their owners. Arabian Mau cats love being around their family members all the time. That’s why they tend to build a very tight relationship with their owners.

Although they are not that vocal, you may find them bringing presents for you or rubbing their body against you, asking for attention, be it for playing, feeding, or petting.

Arabian Mau cats are very energetic and agile

Along with being very energetic, they always want something to do so they can spend all that energy stored in their bodies. Curiosity is a sign that Arabian Mau cats are intelligent, but sometimes their curiosity leads them to trouble.

They always love exploring what’s behind the door. Climbing on top of your shelves and opening your drawers is not out of character, as they are next-level curious cats. Their long legs and firm body allow them to move and jump to higher places swiftly. 

Naturally-skilled hunters 

Arabian Mau cats are naturally-skilled hunters, and they occasionally hunt for prey. This ability was developed over a thousand years ago in the vastness of Arabian deserts. Even when an Arabian Mau is domesticated, it doesn’t lose this hunter instinct.

Territorial and independent

Arabian Mau cats tend to be territorial. Male Arabian Mau cats always secure their territory from other male cats. Alongside being territorial, these cats are independent and are not fussy eaters. If they’re allowed to go outdoors, they can hunt for their own food.

These cats also manage to keep themselves neat, as they are exceptional at self-grooming. Experts say that Arabian Mau cats adapted this characteristic from roaming in the deserts, their natural home.

A sociable and child-friendly cat

Arabian Maus won’t enjoy a home with no owner or pet interactions. They want to socialize and get attention as much as possible. They are friendly and get along with strangers very well.

When it comes to kids and new pets, Arabian Mau cats are undeniably sociable. Just make sure to introduce both sides at an early stage, and that boundaries are properly set. Early socialization is very crucial for cats and members of the household to maintain a smooth bond.

Other characteristics of Arabian Mau cats

  • Arabian Mau cats are the most popular domesticated cats in the Middle-East. However, the “Mau” word in their name is an Egyptian word for “cat.”
  • The Arabian Maus’ roots go back over a thousand years ago and it is widely suggested that this breed originated from the Arabian Peninsula. Despite this, experts say that there is a part African wild-cat in their lineage.
  • Arabian Maus cool down by licking themselves. Since they don’t have sweat glands or pores, their saliva acts as their coolant. It covers their coat, and as their saliva evaporates, the heat lifts away from their bodies.

Common questions about Arabian Maus

Are Arabian Mau cats hypoallergenic?

Arabian Mau cats are not hypoallergenic because their coat is still made of fur. However, they have a short and one-layer coat that barely sheds. These cats also manage to clean their coat so well by themselves, that they only require occasional grooming. So, while not technically hypoallergenic, this breed is a good choice for people with cat allergies.

How much is an Arabian Mau?

An Arabian Mau kitten will usually cost around $600, if you are in a place where there are many Arabian Mau breeders. However, the price range can go up to $800 per kitten if the cat comes from a well-known strain, or there aren’t many breeders close to where you live.

Are Arabian Maus dog friendly?

With their friendly personality, Arabian Mau cats get along just fine with dogs. Experts suggest that Arabian Mau cats can be best friends with dogs, as long as the dog is also cat-friendly, and owners introduce them to each other at an early stage. But these friendly felines will defend themselves if they feel threatened by dogs.

How can i be sure that my cat is 100% Arabian Mau?

If you want to be sure that your cat is Arabian Mau, or how much of a mix it is, the best way is it get a DNA test. It is pretty easy to order a DNA test online, and see what type of breeds that your cat is a mix of.

Final thoughts

You can quickly identify if your cat is an Arabian Mau by checking their striking large and pointed ears and rounded head with oval-shaped eyes. You can also tell if your cat is an Arabian Mau by their pleasant, affectionate, and remarkably energetic personality. Although they can be independent, Arabian Mau cats always seek their favorite humans’ attention.

How do you tell if my cat is an Arabian Mau?

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