Is Milk Good for Cats?

Is milk good for cats

It’s a common misconception that kitties should be given milk as a treat. However, most cats are actually lactose intolerant, which is why giving them milk from cows can eventually result in significant health problems. Milk is not a part of necessary nutrition in cats, and many cats even have an upset stomach and/or other related health problems because cat owners thought they’re giving them a good treat.

Is milk good and what will happen if I give my cat milk?

Milk is not good for cats. The reason is that the enzyme that enables them to digest milk, will disappear from their gut when they get older. When you give older cats milk, the indigestible lactose might ferment, and give you cat stomach problems.

Why Your Cat Doesn’t Need Milk

There are milk products that are specially formulated and suitable for cats. However, the truth is that cats certainly do not need milk in order to maintain optimal health. Milk products are quite fattening and if you offer them regularly to your cat, chances are their solid food diet has to be adjusted so that it will compensate for the milk calories and to avoid the onset of obesity, which is related to cat health dangers. 

Therefore, to provide your feline friend with everything he needs, a great cat food specially formulated to meet all of his nutritional needs is the best option you can choose in order to keep your furry feline happy and healthy. In fact, even special cat milk doesn’t provide all kinds of nutrients that a quality cat food does. Apart from maybe an occasional treat, it’s really best that you cut out the milk from your cat’s diet and stick to a cat food that’s scientifically proven beneficial for cats to promote a sound health and overall well-being.

When Do Young Cats Stop Drinking Milk?

Young cats drink milk from their mother until weaning time, which usually takes place as early as four weeks old. Kittens are typically eating solid cat foods by about 8-10 weeks old. Even though kittens can drink milk from their mother, many cats still lose its own ability to process it after they are weaned. According to an expert cat nutritionist, cats lose their ability to process the sugar content in their mother’s milk after weaning since solid cat food takes its place, which means they no longer need the ability to digest it. However, varies and some kitties can also digest milk sugar into their adulthood.

Is Milk Healthy for Felines?

The moment you think of offering milk to your cat, you are probably thinking of giving him cow’s milk. The truth is that this type of milk is not healthy for cats, most especially if it it’s taking the place of a cat’s supposed to be balanced milk. Experts say that if a cat consumes cow’s milk alone, he will not be supplied with essential nutrients needed in order to support his overall health. 

What Should You Give to Your Cat Instead of Milk?

All animals, including your cat, need water. Since cats do not always drink more water, they might get dehydrated. If that is the case with your feline friend, adding wet cat foods to his diet can be able to contribute a lot to her daily water intake. Also, some kitties prefer moving water instead of drinking water from a bowl. Having said that, you can try using a fountain and see if it will encourage your cat to drink more.

Can I Pour Milk on the Favorite Food of My Cat?

No, you can’t. It might seem like a great idea, but this can eventually cause your cat to develop GI problems. Aside from potential GI problems, pouring milk on your kitty’s food will encourage him to drink the milk and not touch the solid food on his plate. 

Why Do Adult Cats Want to Drink Milk?

Even if your cat is already an adult, chances are she might still crave for milk. Just like humans, cat associate certain scents and flavors with positive memories, which is why milk is just like a comfort food for them. Even though your cat should not drink milk alone for a whole meal, you can still satisfy his cravings occasionally with cat foods prepared with milk as an ingredient.


Common Questions About Whether Giving Milk to Your Cat is Good or Not

What Kind of Milk is Safe for Cats?

Cat milk is safe for cats since it’s made of real milk and not just a manufactured substitute for milk. Some cat food and beverage manufacturers have specially formulated their cat milk to be easily digestible especially for lactose intolerant kitties. This tasty treat can make a nutritious and healthy snack for your cat, and goes well with both dry and wet food for added flavor.

Can Milk Kill Cats?

Even though milk isn’t toxic to cats, chances are it might have adverse effects that can lead to severe health conditions and worst-case scenario, death. An adult cat that’s fed a nutritious cat food diet do not need milk anymore. Also, like what we have mentioned, most cats are lactose-intolerant and that means milk can possibly produce gassiness, cramps, and stomach upset.

What’s Better for Cats Milk or Water?

Unlike humans, our feline friends should only drink one thing, and that is water. Despite the popular belief of many people, milk is actually not good for cats. Therefore, you should steer clear of dairy when talking about your cat’s diet. It’s important to keep your cat hydrated with water alone, and avoid giving him milk as much as possible.


Water, and not milk, is incredibly important for promoting a healthy organ function in cats. One great way to ensure your feline friend is getting enough amount of water is through feeding him wet canned food. Generally, cats are less keen on drinking water, which is why wet canned food is really great in order to keep your cat hydrated. Now that you know the reason why milk is not good for your cat, make sure to avoid any dangerous mistake again.

Is milk good for cats

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