The best Christmas presents for your cat

The best Christmas presents

For many people, our furry felines are just as much a part of the family as any other family member. We love our pets and spoiling them with something they enjoy brings happiness to not only them, but also to us pet parents.

The holiday season is when our gift-giving feelings are highest, so here are some great ideas for spoiling your cat this Christmas. When it comes to buying a Christmas present for your cat, there are a few different categories to consider, including toys, accessories, clothing, treats, furniture and even new experiences.

Playtime with your cat

Fun toys make great stocking stuffers for your feline friends. From chasing stuffed mice to lasers, cats love anything they can chase or paw at. It’s a good way to get exercise and bond with their humans. Giving your cat a fun toy for the holidays will lead to fun times for both of you.

Cat teasers

Many stores sell various cat teasers, which are usually a stick or wand with a flexible plastic wire attached to it and a soft plush toy at the end that might be in the shape of a mouse, a spider, a feather, a fluffy ball or even a caterpillar.

Dangling these enticing toys in front of your cat will give you and your cat hours of endless entertainment, exercise and fun as he leaps trying to catch it.


Cats also love pawing at and chasing lasers as they move across the floor or wall. They are great for giving your cat exercise and a good form of interactive play for the two of you. Make sure you get a laser designed for pet play, so it doesn’t damage your kitty’s eyes. Some are sold as keychains, so you’ll always have a laser on hand.

Catnip toys

Catnip toys are often fluffy stuffed animals that have catnip inside. The catnip attracts your cat and encourages her to get exercise while having fun. It’s a great way to amuse your cat, while making sure she stays healthy through being active.

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Mylar balls

Mylar balls are made from Mylar, which is a stretchy crinkly type of polyester that’s used in foil balloons and emergency blankets. The toys for cats have multiple layers of the shiny, crackly material in a ball-shape. They are lightweight and keep cats highly entertained.

Ball of yarn

Oh, the classic cat toy. You can never go wrong with a ball of yarn. This Christmas consider getting your cat his very own collection instead of him trying to fight you for your latest knitting project. You and your kitty will both be amused watching him chase and swat the ball around the room.

Lattice balls and bells

Another popular cat toy is a ball with woven plastic in a lattice form that has a bell inside. Your cat will love chasing, batting and stalking the ball as it rolls around the room. Some cats adore listening to the cause and effect of the bell sound as they swat the ball around.

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Ball and track toys

These popular toys involve a track made of plastic that has a ball or a couple balls inside. Your cat will love swatting at them and making them move around in the track. Some of the balls have feathers or other things attached to them, to make it an even more exciting and sensory experience. Watch as your cat enjoys chasing the ball around its track.

Stuffed toy launchers

These stuffed animals come with a rubber band attachment that allows the toy to be launched across the room. Your cat will love watching it go flying across the room and chasing it around. They are usually designed in the shape of a stuffed mouse or other little fluffy creature.

Some launching toys can be stuffed with catnip, to make it an even more exciting experience for your cat.

Soft balls

Soft balls are a great way to engage and bond with your cat. They’ll enjoy chasing the ball around the room if your throw it or batting it around the room themselves. Just don’t expect your cat to return the ball to you the way a dog would.

Teething rings and teething balls

Teethers for kittens are usually made of a soft plastic texture. Chewing on these balls will help your kitten cope with teething pain she may be experiencing. They are made of chew-safe materials and double as a fun toy to bat around.

Electric cat toys

Electric cat toys are usually battery-operated fuzzy creatures like mice or balls with feathers that scurry and move erratically around the room. Your cat will love chasing them around and interacting with them while you have time to relax.

Treats and mealtime

Cat treats make great stocking stuffers for the holidays. There’s nothing wrong with giving your cat a treat occasionally just because you want her to be happy, but you can also use treats as a way to encourage and reward certain behaviors.

Make sure treats only make up a small percent of your cat’s diet. Treats shouldn’t account for more than 10 % or your cat’s daily calorie intake.


Many cats enjoy the occasional catnip treat and what better time to let your cat indulge than around the holidays when the rest of us are indulging too?  Catnip targets cats’ “happy receptors” in their brains, which can excite cats. Once they consume it the usually mellow out as it has a sedative quality.

Food dispenser ball

A food dispenser ball is usually made of plastic. Inside the ball, you can add some of your furry friend’s favorite food. As your cat pushes the ball around, a small amount of food comes out. You can decide how much to put in and how much it will dispense out. Of course, it only works with dry food.

Food dispenser balls are great for cats who tend to be a bit lazy and less playful. It forces them to get some exercise and work a bit for their food. It’s a good way to add a playful element to the usually straightforward mealtime.  

Crunchy treats

Not only will your cat love crunchy treats, but they can also help with things like dental care. Some treats are specifically designed to help freshen breath, clean teeth and reduce tartar buildup. They also usually have added vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy.

Other crunchy treats are specifically designed to help with hairball control. Their formula includes lots of fiber, which helps decrease the formation of hairballs and encourages healthy digestion. They also include beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Chewy treats

Another type of yummy treat your cat might enjoy are chewy meat sticks or moist bite-sized snacks. These treats are great for elderly cats, or cats with sensitive teeth and gums. They’re usually full of vitamins and minerals as well.

Making home appealing and cozy

Cats spend a lot of time at home and often love cuddling and being cozy, as well as scratching and exploring. Getting your cat a new piece of equipment to climb or scratch, or a new fluffy spot to curl up in, will make your cat’s homelife a more pleasant experience.

Cat scratcher

Cat scratchers come in many different sizes and shapes. They are great because they give your cat an outlet for getting their scratching out, so they don’t end up ruining your furniture instead. Some cat scratchers even include a catnip element to make it even more enjoyable for your cat.

Not only do cats enjoy cat scratchers, but they help to keep your cat’s claws healthy. Some cat scratchers are available with refills, so the surface is continually fresh and desirable to scratch on.

You can get a scratching post, a flat scratching surface for the ground, one you can attach to the wall, a scratching ramp, or even one that hangs on a doorknob.

Cat tunnel

Cat tunnels offer a fun new place for your cat to explore. Some feature a crackly liner, hanging toys and peepholes to make their exploration even more entertaining. They usually collapse down, so you can keep it out of sight when it’s not playtime.

Cat condo or tree

Cat trees and condos come in all different sizes. They give your furry friend places to climb, play and relax. She cat can leap from one perch to another and climb up high to keep a lookout of her surroundings. You can dangle toys for her to bat at and include scratching posts and surfaces.

Some cat trees even include “apartments” where your cat can rest in a soft spot. Multiple-apartment cat trees are great for homes with more than one cat, so each kitty can have their own place to relax.

Cat self groomer

A self groomer is essentially a brush that you attach to the wall or another surface your cat can easily access. Then your cat can rub his fur against the brush for a massage mixed with grooming. Sometimes they come with a compartment for catnip to entice your cat.

Cat carrier

Many cats don’t necessarily like being confined to a carrier for transport, but some carriers will be much more desirable for your cat. Look for a soft, breathable carrier with a cozy, machine-washable liner. Get one with an over-the-shoulder strap, so your cat will feel close to you. You can also spray calming spray inside, to make it a more relaxing experience.

Cat stroller

A cat stroller is a great way to bring your pet with you when you go for walks around the neighborhood or in the grocery store. Most will have mesh screens, to give your cat fresh air and let her look around, while also keeping her safely inside the stroller. You can even get jogging stroller versions.

Window perch

There’s nothing that cats love more than basking in the warm sunlight from a window. If your windowsills aren’t big enough for your cat to rest there comfortably, you can get a window perch. They are usually secured to the window using suction cups that will hold them in place, without damaging the window.

Cat bed

Cats love cuddling up in warm places, so you can make bedtime even more fun with a cozy bed designed just for your cat. Some beds have warming pas, or are enclosed like a little tent or cave, so your kitty will feel secure. Cat beds these days come in many fashionable designs that will match the aesthetic of your home.

Cats can be fashionable too!

Who says cats don’t need clothes? There’s nothing quite like getting your feline friend dressed up for a party, holiday or photoshoot. Or maybe they just tend to get cold and could use a warm sweater.

Cat sweater

While most cats are good at regulating their body temperatures, your cat might still get a little cold sometimes and could benefit from a warm sweater. These are particularly beneficial to hairless cat breeds like sphynxes. To bring the adorableness to the next level, get a matching sweater for yourself too.

Cat costumes

This one might be more for your enjoyment than your cat’s, but there’s nothing more adorable than a cat in a costume. Whether you dress your furry friend up as a lion, a dinosaur, your favorite paw patrol character, a superhero, or a taco, they are sure to be adorable

Cat lovers hoodie

A cat lovers hoodie is essentially a regular hooded sweatshirt with a specially designed front pocket where you can carry your cat. They are particularly good for carrying small kittens. Some cats will tolerate being carried around like this better than others, so only you know if this is something your sweet kitty will enjoy.

Sports jerseys

Get your cat dressed up for the big game. Sports team paraphernalia isn’t only for people! In addition to just getting things in team colors, you can actually buy official NFL, MLB and NBA jerseys for pets. Nothing says team spirit like a cat in team colors!


Another way to get a little festive for the holidays is with a hat for your cat. Perhaps you know your feline friend won’t tolerate getting dressed up completely, but he might be willing a sport a Santa or elf hat. You can also find cute cat knitwear and birthday crowns for cats.


If you’re hosting a bit more of an elegant dinner party or taking family photos where everyone is dressed their best, adding a bowtie to your cat will help him look like an adorable part of the gang.

A new collar

There are lots of beautiful kitty collars out there and they make a perfect addition to your cat’s Christmas stocking. You can find collars in every pattern and color of the rainbow, some with additional details like rhinestones or a bell.

Collar lights

If your outdoor cat likes to wander the neighborhood at night, it may be a good idea to get him and LED light for his collar, so he remains visible and safe in traffic. You can also get collars with reflective strips, so car headlights make him visible.


Bandanas are a festive way to add a little color or a cute message to your feline friend’s look. You can get everything from floral to flannel bandanas that are specifically designed for pets. As the holidays approach, there are many themed Santa, snowflake and reindeer bandanas.


If your cat isn’t afraid of water and likes to be outside, perhaps a raincoat is just what he needs. You can get waterproof, reflective raingear for your cat so he will stay dry and safe when outside.

Not your everyday experiences

Although cats enjoy a life that may seem a bit monotonous to us, they might still enjoy being pampered or treated to a new experience once in a while. Luckily, there are lots of activities you can enjoy with your cat to spice life up a bit.

A massage

Just like humans, many cats love getting massages. Massages are beneficial for kitties because they stimulate their muscles, nerves, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Massages increase oxygen supply and help eliminate harmful toxins. You can even help improve depression and anxiety.

It’s easy enough to learn how to massage your cat yourself, put if you’re not up for it, you can actually take your cat to a professional cat massage therapist.

A professional photoshoot

Since she’s a member of your family, perhaps you want to have a beautiful framed picture of your cat hanging on the wall. Bringing your cat to a photography studio is a great way to capture her in all her beauty. Take portrait shots or have her pose with the rest of the family.

A DNA test

Perhaps your cat was a rescue cat, and you only have a vague idea of what breed she is. A great way to learn more about your cat is through a DNA test. Just like genetic testing is getting more popular with humans, you can also test your pets.

You simply swab your cat’s mouth with an at-home test and send it in the mail. The results will not only give you more information about your cat’s background, but can also help make you aware of any potential health issues.

You can get a DNA test for your cat here

A visit to the cat groomer

Although cats are capable of grooming themselves, a trip to the cat groomer can bring their appearance to the next level. Cat groomers will trim your cat’s nails and give her a thorough brushing and trim, while looking for any skin problems, bumps or lesions.

They will also give your cat a bath in a safe and gentle way. They know how to make it a low-stress experience for cats who don’t love water. In addition, groomers check on your cat’s ear health, looking for any unusual smells, discharge, redness or swelling.

Enjoy a happy holiday with your cat!

Hopefully you’ve found a few gift inspiration ideas to spoil your cat with this Christmas and for many to come. Your furry pal will surely be delighted, whether you get her a new toy, some yummy treats, or a visit to the massage therapist.

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