Top 10 Cheapest Cat Breeds

top 10 cheapest cat breeds

The love of a cat is priceless, but sometimes our pocketbooks demand that we do consider the price. While there are definitely cat breeds that fall into the designer category, there are plenty of others that are more affordable. Read on to learn more about cats that can join your family at an accessible price point.

1. Ragdoll (Pet Quality)

The ragdoll cat earned its name because it just loves to be cuddled. It is super affectionate, loyal, and friendly. It’s also big and soft. This cat is an excellent companion and family cat. Breeders recognize this, and some breeders are happy to sell “pet quality” (these are cats that are healthy and wonderful, but probably wouldn’t win any best-of-breed awards because their appearance does not meet show standards) ragdolls at prices significantly lower than the breed’s typical $400 to $1000 price tag.

2. Turkish Van

Turkish Van cats are not necessarily the best known or the most popular, and honestly, we don’t know why this is. They are extremely intelligent and curious, and they love to play, which makes them very well suited for families with children. Turkish Vans have soft, fluffy coats and they often have beautiful yellow eyes. One unique characteristic of the Turkish Vans is that they are great swimmers and they love water. They typically cost between $200 and $600.

3. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental shorthair cats are closely related to the Siamese breeds, which is very apparent when you look at them. They are also lean, sleek, and angular with prominent ears and noses. As with Siamese, Oriental shorthairs are intelligent, curious, playful, and often talkative. They are very social cats, so they are a great choice for large families or families who entertain frequently, and they tend to get along well with other pets. You can usually find them for $400 to $500.

4. Himalayan

Himalayans are another Siamese cousin and they share the striking seal point coloring, but in a long-haired version. These cats are beautiful and very popular, and for good reason. They tend to be mellow (lazy, if you must) and very affectionate. Their long coats do need frequent grooming and they shed a lot, so they are not the lowest-maintenance cat around, but they are excellent family pets just the same. Plus, their easygoing personalities mean that brushing is not a battle. Expect to spend between $300 and $500; interestingly, this is a lot less than you’d pay for a Siamese or a Persian, both of whom this breed resembles.

5. Manx

Manx cats are famous because they don’t have tails! What they do have is lots of energy. They love to play and they love attention, although they aren’t especially cuddly or affectionate. They are very intelligent and enjoy games; you may even be able to teach them how to fetch! Manx cats have a round face and sturdy body, and they are usually solid-colored. These cats are great pets, especially in families with children who have energy levels to match the Manx. They typically cost between $200 and $500.

6. Abyssinian

Lots of people think that Abyssinian cats resemble tiny domesticated wildcats, and we can actually see that very easily. They have prominent pointed ears, bright eyes, and striped and/or spotted coats. They are very elegant and very energetic. These cats love to play and they will definitely welcome a challenge, which means if there’s anything that you don’t want them to have or to find, you’ll have to be smarter than they are. Abyssinians are too active to be classified as cuddly lap cats, but they are affectionate and will occasionally settle in for a snuggle. They are commonly priced at $500 to $700.

7. Havana Brown

This is another breed that is not as popular as we think it should be! They are beautiful cats with rich, chocolaty-brown fur and bright green eyes. Their prominent muzzles sometimes make them look as if they are deep in thought. Havana Brown cats are playful, curious, and affectionate, and they crave attention from their people. They also get along well with other pets (at least most of the time). These cats are loyal and loving, and will probably greet you at the door when you come home because they missed you so much. They can usually be yours for between $300 and $500.

8. Snowshoe

Snowshoe cats are a relatively new breed, at least as far as breeders and cat associations are concerned. They have silky coats, Siamese-ish coloring, and adorable bright white feet. The breed personality is not completely established yet, so it’s hard to say what’s typical for a Snowshoe cat, but many owners agree that these cats are intense and sometimes a bit dominant; however, they also tend to be affectionate and bond with their owners. If you were familiar with the Internet-famous Grumpy Cat, you’ll probably recognize a Snowshoe. Their price is usually in the range of $200 to $1000.

9. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats are lean, strong, and exotic-looking with angular bodies and faces. They are energetic, playful, and mischievous. These cats are acrobats and they want you to know it! They are also gentle, patient, and friendly, and they are great family cats. Cornish Rex cats tend to love children, and children love them right back. They are also well suited for large and busy families since they don’t mind the chaos. One unique characteristic of this breed is that they don’t seem to mature; they stay “kittenish” in personality for their entire lives. Expect to spend around $700 to $800 to bring one home.

10. Domestic Shorthair

We couldn’t write a list of the least expensive cat breeds without including the domestic shorthair, otherwise known as a mutt cat, that can be found at rescues or shelters across the country. You can usually choose whatever personality or appearance traits you want, and domestic shorthair cats tend to be very healthy as well with few of the issues common to purebreds. There is rarely a waiting list, either. If you just want a cat companion, this is the way to go. Most shelters have modest adoption fees that cover the cost of spaying/neutering and vaccinations.


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