Top 10 Coolest House Cats

Top 10 Coolest House Cats

Every cat is a cool cat, at least in their opinion (and ours too!), but if you are looking for a unique and special breed, read on to learn more about 10 kinds of cats that will catch your attention.

1. Munchkin

The Munchkin cat also has the unfortunate but accurate nickname of “sausage cat,” thanks to its sturdy full-sized body on stubby little legs. These cats are energetic, curious, and playful – they don’t let their shortness stand in their way. Munchkin cats tend to get along very well with kids and other pets, making them excellent family cats. They are also smart, loyal, and affectionate as well as absolutely adorable. This cat loves attention, which is a good thing because it’s pretty much irresistible. They do not have standard coloring or patterns; what sets this breed apart is its unique shape.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

If a cat can be a classic, here it is! These cats have appeared in Norwegian folklore dating back to 1000 BCE or before, and they went on Viking raids to serve as mousers on the ships. True to their Viking heritage, they are large, powerful, sturdy cats with thick coats in mostly neutral colors and patterns. They have large, tufted ears and long whiskers. Norwegian Forest Cats are intelligent and playful. Even though these cats served warriors, they are affectionate, loyal, friendly, and good with children and other pets.

3. Ocicat

These are beautiful cats with Abyssinian and Siamese ancestry. They look like miniature wildcats, but they are temperamentally suited to be house cats and companions. They are muscular and graceful with earth-toned spots and stripes as well as prominent ears and muzzle. Ocicats are very active and very playful as befits their jungle cat appearance, but they are also cuddly and affectionate companions. They are social and good with children, so they are well suited for large or busy families. They are smart enough to learn their names and they can often be “trained” to do tricks, which makes them somewhat unique among cats.

4. Teacup Persian

The Teacup Persian is a relatively new breed and it seems to be the feline equivalent of teacup or toy dog breeds. It retains the characteristic appearance and personality of the classic long-haired Persian, but it is tiny at between four and eight pounds fully grown. They also tend to keep a kitten-ish face even as they mature. These cats are intelligent and adorable. The long hair does require some grooming efforts, but the cats are easy to control when they need to be brushed. The combination of super-fluffy fur and an itty-bitty body definitely qualifies a Teacup Persian as one of the coolest house cats.

5. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cats have very short ears that are “folded” so that they appear flat instead of the typical pointed cat ear that we all know and love. Fans of the fold will be glad to know that it was a harmless, spontaneous mutation that first appeared in cats on farms in Scotland, and aside from the appearance, the ears are still expressive and functional. Scottish Fold cats tend to have round bodies and round heads. They are intelligent, independent, and playful, and they are often tolerant of children and other pets. These cats do bond with their owners, but they are not the most cuddly of cats.

6. Russian Blue

A blue cat is most definitely a cool cat, and that’s why the Russian Blue is on our list. These cats boast coats that are silver-blue and super shiny. They have a sleek, elegant look and green eyes, and their mouths are set in a permanent smile. Russian Blue cats tend to be somewhat aloof (as befits cats that were the favorites of czars) until they get to know you, but once they’ve accepted you, they are loyal and affectionate. They like to play, but they are not very vocal. For cats, they are very well behaved and can be taught to stay off of countertops and desks.

7. LaPerm

The LaPerm cat looks as if it just left the salon with the kind of permanent wave that was popular back in the 1980s (which is very appropriate because that’s when this breed originated), but it is really a natural and spontaneous mutation. They can have either short or long coats, but the defining characteristic of this breed is its curls. LaPerm cats tend to be medium-sized and well proportioned. They are extremely affectionate, even-tempered, intelligent, and playful. They are cuddly but not especially talkative. LaPerm cats are good family cats as they usually get along well with children and with other pets.

8. California Spangled

Similarly to the Ocicat and the Bengal, the California Spangled cat was bred to look like a miniature wildcat. It has the long, lithe body of a leopard and blocky spots. The color range of this breed can include gold, brown, silver, black, and red and its fur is short and dense. Not only does it look like a leopard, but it is athletic and loves to jump and climb. The California Spangled cat is intelligent, energetic, active, and affectionate. It bonds well with its owners and generally gets along well with other cats and sometimes other animals in the house.

9. Japanese Bobtail

As befits the name, the Japanese Bobtail cat has a tiny stump of a tail with fur that fans out so that it resembles a rabbit’s pom-pom tail puff instead of a cat’s typical long, expressive tail. These cats are usually medium-sized and muscular but lithe. They tend to be primarily white in color with calico-style orange and black patches (the Japanese name for this cat is mi-ke, which means        “three fur” and refers to its coloring). These cats are very playful, affectionate, and talkative. They crave attention, and they do well with kids and other pets in the home.

10. Egyptian Mau

The Mau is the cat that ancient Egyptians considered to be a god, or at least royalty, and that alone makes it one of the coolest cats that you can have in your house. If that wasn’t enough, it’s one of the very few domestic cat breeds that is naturally spotted, and it’s also the fastest breed of cat. The Mau is medium-sized, muscular, and talkative. It’s also intelligent, active, and playful. This cat loves to bring gifts to its people, and it will be sad if those gifts are not adequately appreciated. They are loyal and loving pet friends.

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Top 10 Coolest House Cat breeds

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