Top 10 meanest house cat breeds

top 10 meanest cat breeds

Cats often have a reputation for being mean or standoffish, even though many of them are actually extremely friendly. Every cat has a unique personality, but its breed can affect their disposition. Some breeds are known for their friendliness, while others have certainly earned their grumpy reputations.

10 really mean cat breeds

The 10 meanest cat breeds are Siamese, Sphynx, Bombay, Bengal, Scottish Fold, Pixie Bob, Egyptian Mau, American Wirehair, Korat and Singapura. These are all really mean, but at the same time, multiple of the breeds are really popular and not necessarily the worst breeds of cats.

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Top 10 mean breeds of cats

1. Siamese

Although the Siamese is a popular cat breed due to its talkative nature and intelligence, it tends to bond with only one person in the family. The breed is loving and friendly to this “chosen” person, but can be really mean to people it’s not familiar with.

  • Loving and friendly with one “chosen” person
  • Can be mean to the rest of the family
  • Doesn’t like strangers

2. Sphynx

The one-of-a-kind Sphynx can be a demanding companion. The breed enjoys being the center of attention, making them quite needy towards their owners. If they don’t get what they want, they will let you know. They might even irritate you or act out negatively just to get what they want.

  • A demanding companion
  • Enjoys being the center of attention and can be very needy
  • Acts out negatively and irritates owner if it doesn’t get what it wants

3. Bombay

The Bombay is a stunning black breed well-known for being an attention-seeking, sensitive companion. Although the breed loves to be around people and getting a lot of affection, they are meaner and might lash out when frightened or disturbed, especially by loud noises.

  • Attention seeking
  • Lashes out when frightened or disturbed
  • Doesn’t like loud noises

4. Bengal

The Bengal has the Asian leopard cat bloodline which gives it a meaner streak than other domestic cat breeds out there. Be prepared to deal with the nature of this feline if you are planning to introduce one to your family. The breed can be quite demanding and might show signs of aggressiveness.

  • Has a “wild” side due to its big cat bloodline
  • Quite demanding
  • Can show signs of aggressiveness

5. Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is loved for its adorable folded ears but also known to interact with humans only to get what they need. While other breeds might crave attention from almost anyone, a Scottish Fold often prefers the company of only one or two humans.

  • Only interacts with humans to get what it needs
  • Prefers the company of its primary caregivers

6. Pixie Bob

The distinct Pixie Bob is a striking feline known for its playful and active personality. Although the breed interacts well with their human family, they might be suspicious of strangers. A Pixie Bob will use a variety of sounds to interact with their owner and it might include mean growls.

  • Suspicious of strangers
  • Sometimes growls at people

7. Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau boasts an elegant appearance. The breed bonds strongly with their family which makes them great companions. If around strangers, they become shy rather than outgoing. A streak of meanness might manifest if you try to take toys or food from them since they have an intrinsic protective nature.

  • Shy around strangers
  • Mean streak shows up if you take something that belongs to them
  • Protective nature

8. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is often misunderstood since they have an independent streak. The breed wants to be left alone sometimes. The Wirehair can be uncomfortable around strangers, and they might decide to defend themselves and be mean if they feel bothered or provoked.

  • Independent streak and wants to be left alone
  • Uncomfortable around strangers
  • Will defend itself if bothered or provoked

9. Korat

The Korat is a breed that prefers a quiet environment. Due to this, Korats can be annoyed by loud noises or boisterous children. When scared or annoyed, they can end up acting aggressively in self-defense, which makes them one of the meanest cats.

  • Prefers a quiet environment
  • Annoyed by loud noise and boisterous children
  • Can act aggressively when scared or annoyed

10. Singapura

The Singapura can be a fun breed, but can be cautious of strangers. They may act out aggressively and mean if they feel threatened. The breed is also known for being troublesome and easily startled. If not socialized correctly at a young age, they might hide often.

  • Wary of strangers
  • Acts aggressively when threatened
  • Strong-willed, troublesome and easily started

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Questions about mean and agressive cats

Why are cats mean to their owners?

Possible reasons for a cat to be aggressive towards its owner includes showing dominance, misguided play, fear and if the cat has medical issues. In most cases you can teach your cat to be less mean and agressive.

Why is my cat aggressive all of a sudden?

If your cat all of a sudden is acting very aggressive, it might very well be cause by a medical reason. If your cat is in pain it might very well get aggressive. This is something that happens more and more often, when cats gets older.

What color cats are the meanest?

You can’t really know how mean a cat is by only looking at its color. Just like with people you need to know more than just the hair color, to say anything like this. Some cat breeds have a tendency to be meaner, and since some of those only come in some colors, some believe that it is the color that determine if a cat is mean or not.

top 10 meanest

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