Top 10 cutest cat breeds

When it comes to cats, especially the cute ones, who can resist them? While every cat breed is different in one way or another, there are a few that tend to stand out from the rest.

From the stunning coats and unique markings, along with charming personalities, you might want to check out this list of the top 10 cutest cat breeds around. Learn what makes them lovable, about their temperaments and find out which of these breeds might be the ideal match for you.

Maine Coon

Although the Maine Coon stands out as a large breed, what is not to love about this “cute” cat breed? They are the gentle giants of the cat world, weighing up to 12-15 pounds once fully grown. The breed gets along well with children and other pets, boasting a playful, sweet demeanor that makes them the ideal companion for families.

  • Gentle giants
  • Gets along well with children and other pets
  • Playful and sweet demeanor
  • An ideal companion for families

British Shorthair

Adorable, quiet and dignified, the British Shorthair makes the ideal feline companion. It is truly the definition of cute. The breed boasts a fuzzy, soft coat and a round, gorgeous face, along with a loyal and charming personality. This cute companion also gets along well with children.

  • Fuzzy, soft coat
  • Round, gorgeous face
  • Loyal and charming
  • Gets along well with children


The Bengal looks like a mini variety of its namesake, the Bengal Tiger, but the breed is domesticated just like any other house cat. Bengals are easy to recognize with their characteristic stripes and rosettes, which give them a big-cat look, even though their dispositions lean towards a less wild side. They can be quite playful and energetic. Their intelligence and curiosity also add to their “cute” charm.

  • Looks like a mini version of its big cat namesake
  • Playful and energetic
  • Intelligent and curious


The Munchkin is known for its low build and short legs. They are a sweet, happy and loving breed. The breed has a wide selection of coat designs, including short and long-haired. The Munchkin’s playful personality makes it the ideal feline companion.

  • Sweet, happy and loving
  • Low build and short legs
  • Features a wide variety of coat designs
  • A playful companion


The Siamese is not just adorable, but also a sweet companion to have around. Playful, people-oriented and sociable, the breed is the happiest when around family. Siamese cats are on the more vocal side than many other cat breeds and love being involved in all your activities.

  • Adorable and sweet
  • Playful, people-oriented and sociable
  • Happiest around family
  • Loves being involved in your activities


When it comes to cute cat breeds, most will think of the Persian as the perfect, fluffy cat. The breed loves to play, but is also docile and calm. Persians are happy when relaxing, being petted and cuddling up with their owners.

These beautiful cats boast long, luxurious fur that requires extra care and grooming. The breed also has a shorter nose, which means that you have to closely watch out for any respiratory issues.

  • Beautiful fluffy coat
  • Loves to play
  • Docile and calm
  • Loves relaxing, being petted and cuddling


The Ragdoll is a well-loved breed that is cute and fluffy, with a laid-back, calm and affectionate demeanor. This makes the breed the ideal family companion.

Ragdolls love to be around people, including children, and can get along well with other pets. As a bonus, most consider the Ragdoll as one of the cutest breeds around due to their captivating blue eyes and furry coat.

  • Laid back, calm and affectionate
  • Loves to be around children and other pets
  • Captivating blue eyes and fluffy coat
  • The ideal family companion

Scottish Fold

Among the wide selection of cat breeds around, the distinctive curled ears of the Scottish Fold can easily catch your attention. The breed is moderately playful and forms close bonds with their families. They have a calm and undemanding temperament.

  • Distinctive curled ears
  • Moderately playful
  • Forms close bonds with family
  • Calm and undemanding


With outstanding blue eyes, a smooth coat and tranquil demeanor, the Birman truly stands out from the rest. This cute cat breed is highly gifted and tends to have a calmer side, while still appreciating being around people. The Birman displays a sweet and pleasant personality.

  • Outstanding blue eyes and smooth coat
  • Tranquil and calm demeanor
  • Sweet and pleasant
  • Enjoys being around people

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue boasts a fabulous silver coat and outstanding personality. The breed is fairly active and courteously playful. These striking cats always appear to be smiling which is due to the minor upturn of their mouths.

  • Fabulous silver coat
  • Outstanding personality
  • Fairly active and courteously playful

Always appears to be smiling

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