What Is the Best Dry Food for Cats with Urinary Tract Issues?

What is the best dry food for cats with urinary tract issues

For cats with urinary issues, cat food for the optimal health of their urinary system can promote a swift recovery and relieve discomfort while preventing the recurrence of stone and crystal formation in a cat’s urinary tract. They are the most important part of the treatment process for urinary tract problems in cats. That is why finding the right cat food for your feline friend is essential. 

How to Choose the Best Cat Food for Urinary Tract Problems

When you try to decide on what cat food is the best for your cat’s urinary tract health, there are a lot of things that you need to consider first and foremost. Most of these actually depend on your cat’s needs and preferences.

Understanding Your Cat’s Needs

The brand of feline urinary tract food that you choose fully depends on your cat’s needs. It’s possible that the brand you select may not have all the needed nutrients for your cat to help prevent further infections from occurring or recurring. It is possible to give your cat urinary tract foods as a supplement or a snack along with their usual cat food brand. However, the moment you find a cat food that meets all the nutritional needs of your cat, then one brand of cat food is fine.

What is the Best Cat Food for Urinary Tract Problems?

It is important to remember that just like people, a cat’s food needs to contain specific minerals and nutrients in order for them to remain healthy. Since the body of a cat is acidic, you should feed your cat a certain diet that’s pH balanced as it will cut down on the urinary tract problems and UTI and other issues.

Is Dry or Wet Food Better for the Urinary Tract Issues of My Cat?

Generally, most veterinarians recommend wet cat food for urinary tract issues instead of dry food for better prevention. But it’s also possible for you to find a high-quality cat food that’s pH balanced, which makes it just as good for urinary health as any wet canned cat food.

However, even though you’ve found a quality dry food, it is still best that you push your cat to drink more water and give them canned wet food instead. But if your cat likes dry food, then you can also add water or broth to high-quality dry food. We will list some of the best urinary tract dry cat foods below. In the end, the choice is up to the preferences of your cat. 

Best Urinary Tract Dry Cat Foods 

1. Wysong Uretic Dry Food for Cats

This is a good maintenance dry cat food for felines with urological issues. This contains high levels of frozen and fresh meat, fat, and protein, and it also reduces the minerals added to the food. This dry cat food also helps in keeping the pH level of your cat’s urine balanced, which lessens the risk of crystals and stones formation. This is absolutely a great choice for kitties who are not big fans of wet canned foods.

2. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care

This is a dry food formulated to aid cats in both their urinary health and weight management. It is a grain-free cat food that has controlled minerals that help in protecting the urinary tract of your cat while reducing fat and calories to make sure that your cat is not taking in excess calories. 

3. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO 

Providing you keep your feline friend hydrated, then this dry cat food is great for your cat who is suffering from urinary tract issues. This brand gives you more for your money compared to wet foods according to reviewers so we think it is a better option if your cat refuses to eat wet food.


Common Questions About the Best Food for Cats with Urinary Tract Issues

What Can I Feed My Cat with Struvite Crystals?

A balanced raw meat cat food can help to resolve urinary tract issues and help eliminate struvite crystals in a cat’s urine. These crystals are also known as magnesium ammonium phosphate crystals or triply phosphate crystals. Even when various crystals join together to develop stones, they can eventually put your cat’s life at risk.

What Are the Signs of a Cat Having A Urinary Tract Infection?

Here are some of the most common warning signs of a cat suffering from urinary tract problems: 

  • Frequent attempts to urinate – kitties with FLUTD usually have a constant urge to urinate, but they can only pass just a small amount of urine every time they try.
  • Painful urination – if your feline friend cries out while trying to urinate, then it is a tell-tale sign that he’s might be in pain.

How Long Does It Take for a Cat UTI to Clear Up?

Usually, uncomplicated cases are resolved in 5 to 7 days, even though many cats tend to experience a recurrence within 1 year. Having said that, appropriate environment management and a specialized diet, and proper supplementation with the help of your trusted vet could be extremely helpful when it comes to eliminating or reducing these events.


One of the most important ways to help prevent urinary infections for your kitty is to keep him properly hydrated. Giving your cat wet canned food can help him stay hydrated even if he is not drinking from his water bowl often. Also, even if your feline food eats dry food primarily, a little amount of wet canned food might be very beneficial for his overall health.

What is the best dry food for cats with urinary tract issues

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