What kind of brush is best for cats?

Chose a brush that feels comfortable and soft for your cat, and brush it onced or twice a week. When it comes to your cat’s overall health, you always want what’s best for him, and that includes his grooming.

To make sure your cat is properly groomed, some cat owners choose to bring their cats to a pet salon but there are also others who choose to maintain their furry feline’s grooming at home. The question is, what are the tools you need to groom your cat? Is there a recommended brush for cats? Find out in this article.

Is there a recommended grooming brush for cats?

There are surely lots of grooming tools for cats available in the market nowadays, most especially grooming brushes. Thus, it’s sometimes confusing to choose what’s best for your cat. If you’re facing this situation right now, then you came to the right place. In this post, we will discuss about the different kinds of brushes you can use for your furry feline.

All you have to bear in mind is that the best brush for your kitty is the one that can be used well for his coat type. There are different grooming tools for cats. For example, if you want something that helps you detangle your cat’s fur, then you can buy a comb or if you want a grooming tool for the shedding of your cat, then you can buy a brush specifically designed for shedding.

Yes, cats can personally groom themselves, but they also need your help sometimes. Aside from the fact that grooming your cat regularly can help keep their coat healthy, it also helps prevent hair balls and can be a really good bonding between you and your furry feline. Thus, make sure you groom your cat from time to time using the right grooming tool as it can provide many benefits.

Top 3 grooming tools for cats

Molting feline comb

The primary usage of this comb is to remove your cat’s molting fur and for detangling your cat’s hair. This is highly recommended for cats with fine, long hair and heavy shedders. If you use this comb in a regular manner, it can help prevent tangles and mats to develop. This grooming tool for cats has irregular lengths of pin to easily remove tangles from your cat’s long hair.

Slicker metal brush

This type of grooming tool for felines can be used for any coat type, but you should be extra careful when using it as it is made up of hard metal. These types of grooming tools can help smoothen your kitty’s fur and if you use it regularly, your kitty’s coat will produce oil that helps shine his hair. This type of brush is also best for felines that happen to shed too much. If your cat has long hair that always tangles, then this grooming tool is best for him too.

Grooming cat comb

This basic grooming comb for felines help untangle knots and mats in a gentle manner, with breaking the coat. It’s highly recommended for felines with long and thick coats. when shopping for a grooming comb, make sure you look for a comb that has a large space between its teeth if you own a long-haired cat and narrow space for your cat with shorter fur. This is a much gentler type of comb compared to other types of grooming tools for cats.Common questions about the best grooming brush for cats

What kind of brush should I use on my cat? 

Aside from the top 3 most common types of cat brushes we mentioned above, another brush you can use for your furry pal is a brush with two sides, which is usually a soft bristle side + pin brush combination. If your cat is extra fluffy, use the brush comb first so that the mats and tangles will be removed before you use the bristle side.

Does grooming your cat help remove dandruff?

When you brush your cat’s hair in a regular manner, you’re able to distribute the natural oils of your cat’s skin and it eventually removes dandruff and any loose hair. The natural oils produced by your cat’s skin can definitely make his coat shinier, which prevents dandruff or dry flakes from building up. This is the reason why it’s highly beneficial to groom your cat regularly.

How often should you brush your cat?

Most of the time, brushing schedule is based on the length and type of your cat’s hair. If your cat has long fur or medium fur, then it’s best to brush your cat daily to avoid matting and tangling of your cat’s hair. On the other hand, if your cat has short coat, then you can at least brush his coat once or twice a week. Regardless of the schedule of your cat’s grooming, it’s very important that you only use a grooming tool that best suits his coat.


In order to have a great grooming experience with your cat, make sure you choose the right tool for his hair. If you choose the right grooming tool for your cat, your grooming session will certainly be an enjoyable and stress-free one.

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