Why do cats like tuna fish so much?

Why do cats like tuna fish so much

Cats are opportunistic feeders, they eat whatever their paws can grab, but cats seem to be more in favor of our fish friends, especially the tuna. But why do cats love tuna so much? The reason many cats respond favorably to the fish is unknown.

Though fish is a good source of protein for cats, tuna and many fish can be bad for kitties. One reason for that is because of the cat’s genetics. Fish produces a ton of by-products in the cat’s blood, which must be filtered by their kidney and liver which stresses these two vital organs. So, what can owners do to satisfy their kitty’s cravings?

Why do cats like fish so much – an especially tuna

The reason cats love tuna, salmon, and similar fish is because of the strong appealing odor and the robust flavor fish have. If it was the cat’s decision they would eat more tuna. We recommend that you do not serve too much tuna for your cat.

It’s not just fish cats love, and chicken and turkey as great meat for cats. Read more about chicken vs. turkey for cats.

What makes tuna fish so dangerous to cats?

According to Dr. Richard L. Doty, Ph.D., the director of the Smell and Taste Center at the Perelman School of Medicine, cats who were given too much tuna cat food had health issues and elevated levels of selenium and mercury in their bodies and the cats vocalized and played less compared to those cats whose diets are beef-based or other types of meats.

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Give tuna in moderation

Although our little furry friends love tuna so much, owners are advised to feed their cats fish in moderation, regardless of the reason cats desire tuna they need to resist giving in to their cat’s cravings. Consuming tuna can impart a strong and unpleasant in their kitty’s urine, they can also ingest a toxic amount of mercury that’s concentrated in the fish.

Should I still feed fish to my cat?

Cats primarily eat meat and small amounts of fruits, vegetables, and grains, cats have short digestive systems, that’s why they can’t fully digest any plant-based material. They are classified as obligate carnivores.

Cats need proteins, these proteins form the antibodies, hormones, and enzymes, tissues and regulate pH balance that helps cats stay healthy and provide them energy. Cats also need oil and fats; they fully use the fatty acids that they get from fish and meat.

Cats like tuna and other fish because it is full of taurine

Fish is packed with taurine, it’s an amino acid that controls a cat’s vision, digestion, reproduction, and heart rhythm. Taurine is essential for cats as, unlike other mammals that can manufacture the amino acid themselves cats can’t do this that’s why their diet must be supplemented with taurine. Although cats need the amino acids that fish provide, cats that’s in a diet high in fish is likely to develop Urinary Tracy Infections (UTIs) and hyperthyroidism.

Fish is a great addition to a cat’s diet, but owners should remember that it should only make up a part of their kitty’s diet, they should feed them with other sources of protein.

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Common questions about cats and their diet

Do cats prefer tuna or salmon?

Though any type of fish is bad for our feline friends, we can’t help but give them the delicacies, because they love it! Cats adore fish like tuna and salmon because of their strong appealing odor, and they’re tastier than other types of fish. But what do they like more? The answer is it depends. Like humans, cats have their own preferences too. Which fish is better? It will depend on the kitty’s taste. Always keep in mind to feed them fish in moderation.

Can you give a cat too much tuna?

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) suggests that feeding cats tuna occasionally as a delicious treat is not all bad. But always keep it to a minimal amount, because tuna has high mercury levels, this proves to be toxic to humans too. What more for cats? If the cat’s diet mainly comprises tuna, this can lead to deficiencies in vitamins such as vitamin E and calcium, which are essential for a cat’s growth and development.

What kind of meat is best for cats?

Cats must have protein in their diet, and what better source for protein is there than meat? Meat can help a cat develop a strong heart, healthy reproductive system, and good vision. The best type of meats owners can provide their cats with are cooked beef, turkey, chicken, and small amounts of lean deli meats are also a great way to provide their cats with protein.


Most pet owners are opting for natural food to ensure their pets are in better shape and health. Meat is the best source of food for most mammals and cats being carnivores’ owners must make sure they know what type of meat the best for their feline friends is. Fish may be highly favored by cats but always remember to feed them these delicacies in moderation as this proves to be toxic to cats. Owners may feed their kitties fish as a reward for being good, give it to them as treats.

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