Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom?

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom

“Everyone is wondering the same thing. Is it just them being curious or being clingy? Turns out there are several reasons why they act as a human tail and follow us even when we are doing our own private stuff. Learn about this feline behavior that some pet owners find annoying while some find as cute.”

Why do my cats follow me everywhere – even the bathroom

When your cat follows you around it might very well be because the cat loves the attention it gets this way. It follows you to the bathroom or everywhere else because it likes your companionship. Cats might also like the routine of following you to the bathroom.

Your cat is for sure a friendly one! Is it one of the top 10 friendliest breeds of cats?

Why does my cat sit on me when I’m on the toilet?

Your cats sit on you while you’re on the toilet because it can enjoy your full attention in that situation. They like to be close to their owners. Furthermore, the cat is very curious and wants to see what you’re doing.

What are their intentions?

Worried that your cat might be plotting to get rid of you? Cats often display behaviour that looks like they are learning your habits and your day-to-day activities. Turns out most cats are just curious. Yes, curiosity may not have killed the cat this time but it led to you in the seat of your toilet. Cats are very territorial creatures and they always want to know what’s happening in their territory. 

Turns out that cats bury their feces in kitty litter in order to avoid attracting other predators, and it looks like they pretty much want you to do the same. That’s why they follow you in the bathroom when you are doing your business. It’s just basic instincts. But aside from that what other reasons could they have in following you everywhere and especially the bathroom.

What else are they planning?

Nothing in particular but since we have uncovered the fact that cats are territorial animals they consider you a part of their territory. So with you going into an isolated room where you prefer to be alone and would like to shut out your cat they are wanting to know what their human is doing inside. They might be thinking you have made acquaintance with other cats or eating all alone or marking your own territory.

With that idea we can also assume that our cats know that there is no other exit inside the bathroom and they could also be worried we are going to be alone and trapped inside and want to accompany you. See, Garfield? Cats can be loving and caring pets too.

Is it also beneficial for them?

There are studies that suggest that cats just want to find the warmest spots in the house. And ofcourse, with humans’ natural warm body temperature it would be normal for them to stick to us in the cold morning and would explain why they like to curl up in our neat and folded clothes and underwear!

Since cats are predators they still have instincts as if they are in the wild. But given their small size they have realized over the ages that they can also become prey to larger predators. So it is also a possibility that they feel vulnerable when alone and stick to their owners to feel safe and protected. Or they are just hungry so they are getting your attention to feed them. Sneaky kitties.

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Common questions about cats that follow us everywhere

Why does my cat follow me to bed?

Cats are affectionate creatures. It is one of their ways to show that they love you as well as their efforts to stay warm and safe at night. They want cuddles and to be pet from time to time so staying near to their owners is part of their plan to get that attention.

Do cats get jealous?

Emotions are not limited to human beings but to our pets as well. Especially cats, they are widely known to be really affectionate and proud creatures. With their territorial nature, what they assume is theirs is always and rightfully theirs. So it is not strange for cats to show a change in behavior whenever their owners show more interest and attention to one particular object or person.

Should cats sleep with you?

It is highly advised that you do so. Studies have shown that sleeping with your pet or cat is beneficial to the cat and the owner. As it heightens you and your cat’s sense of security. Giving extra comfort and a night full of deep sleep. Also it would help the cat to get warm at night and to make it feel less lonely.

Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

Your cat likes to be where you are. Since cats are active during the night, they want to be close to you and make sure they know if you are getting up.

Why is my cat so clingy?

Cats that were weaned too early can have a tendency to be more clingy than other cats. When weaned too early from the mom cat’s milk, it might develop anxiety, and that can lead to separation issues and clinginess.

Why is my cat obsessed with the bathroom?

The reason your cat might be a little obsessed with the bathroom might be because it’s the coolest room in the house. The cat simply might like it because of the tiles, that’ll help him lower the temperature of his body.

Cats are instinctive and affectionate pets

So it boils down to either you are loving your cat too much or the cat being more on the wild instinctive side on why it follows you everywhere even in the bathroom. It can either be loving you too much to leave you alone in the bathroom thinking you are trapped or it could be wondering why you are shutting them out in their own territory. Cats do what they want if you allow them to and you can’t really train them the same way as dogs so it’s up to the owner to identify which behavior the cat is exhibiting when it follows you around.

And also if you live in cold places it may also be a contributing factor of your cat just wanting to stay as warm as they can and use you as their own heater. It’s just their survival instincts kicking in to help in this situation. Which you can take advantage of to get your cat to be more affectionate as well by having it sleep next to you at night and cuddling with it. In a way it just shows the relationship of a pet and its human owner.

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