Are black cats smarter than other cats?

Are black cats smarter than cats

Black cats are some of the most beautiful creatures this world has to offer.  There’s something so mysterious about them.  It’s a shame that they have a bit of a bad rep because black cats are so awesome.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why they’re so cool, starting with them being really intelligent – even more so than other cats.

Every cat is different, but here are some things that black cat owners have noticed to be true about their black cats:

Black cats are smart and sensitive. 

While there haven’t been any studies linking black colored cats to more brain power, there has been anecdotal evidence that black cats are often very smart.  Maybe because throughout the centuries, they’ve had to rely on their street smarts in order to not get killed. 

They are quick to adapt to change – and they’re usually very calm.  That’s one of the reasons why these furry balls of soot are a great addition to any household.  Even though they’re usually pretty reserved, black cats tend to have a lot of personality – they can be loving and energetic.   They’ll enjoy playing with challenging toys and complex games like fetch.

One of the reasons why black cats are so adaptable could be because they’re very observant and sensitive.  Black cats can sense when change is about to happen or if there’s a change in their human’s moods.

These cats are people pleasers and always value your happiness.  When you’re sad, you might find them near you, ready to offer some emotionally supportive cuddles.

Black cats bring GOOD luck

Since the middle ages, black cats have unfortunately been linked to witches and bad luck.  Utter tosh.  As a matter of fact, in many cultures, black cats are believed to bring in good luck.

In Japan, they see cats as the bringer of love.  The belief is that single women who own black cats get more suitors than those who don’t.  If you think about it, this could very well be true.  Having pets can definitely increase someone’s chances of finding love.  English people used to give black cats as gifts believing that it would bring luck and happiness to the marriage.

Sailors thought that having black cats aboard their ships would bring them luck.  Maybe it’s because cats can rid the whole ship from pests like mice, and of course, as cuddly companions.  Even the people who chose to spend most of their lives on land thought black cats brought in great luck.  A common belief in Scotland was that if a black cat approached your house, you’d be blessed with prosperity.

Black cats are healthier than other cats

There has been research showing that black cats have immunities that other cats don’t have.  As evidenced by the researchers at the National Institute of Health, it has been found that cats with black fur are more resilient against diseases like Feline HIV.

Right now, scientists all over the world are researching how black cats were able to evolve to resist diseases like HIV and Alzheimer’s.  Who knows, sooner or later, we might find out that your black kitty’s DNA holds the key to solving these health issues in humans as well.


Common questions about black cats

What breed are black cats?

Black cats come from many different breeds – from Maine Coons to Cornix Rexes.

The only breed that is sure to be black is the Bombay.  They look like tiny black panthers.  They’re black everywhere, including their toe beats– save for their gorgeous copper eyes.  They’re very affectionate cats who like to follow their owners around.

Another “black” cat breed is the Burmese.  These cats are a little less dark than Bombays – most would call their coloring as chocolate.  They’re very social – sometimes to the point of being clingy.

Why did my black cat change color?

Black cats are black because they have a genetic mutation.  Solid black cats can, later in life, “rust” and turn reddish brown.  This happens if they have a dominant tabby stripe gene in their DNA and if they’ve had a lot of sun exposure.  In time, their pigmentation can break down and reveal their lighter side.

Another reason could be that they have a copper deficiency.  Please note that copper plays an important role in your cat’s body processes.  If you suspect that this could be why your cat is changing colors, please talk to your vet.

Is there a holiday for black cats?

Yes, they have two, in fact, and nope, neither day falls on Halloween.  August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation day.  It’s a whole holiday meant to break the negative stigma around black cats.  Black Cat day happens on October 27.  It’s a day to celebrate how beautiful black cats are and to raise awareness about their low adoption rates.


Back cats being very intelligent is one of the reasons why they are so loved.  Black cats are observant, curious and calm, which makes them highly adaptable – even more so than other cats.

Are black cats smarter than cats

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