Do cats prefer warm or cold water?

The tempuature of your cats water has a big influence on how much he or he drink. Serve the water chilled. Water is essential to avoid hair balls and kidney disease. Stay on this page and find out if your cat prefers hot or cold water.

So at what tempure should you serve your cats water?

  • During the spring season serve lukewarm water to your cat
  • During the summer months, your cat may like their water to be cold – this is where you can utilize ice cubes as cats also fancy playing with it and licking it to combat the heat.
  • Cats may prefer warmer water during the winter months to keep themselves warm and safe. 

Need tricks to make your cat drink more? I will tell you in a moment!

Remember to always look at your cat and check what it prefers. Just like us human – they are different.

Just like people, felines are made out of 2/3 of water and they need to drink an adequate amount of it daily in order to survive. But most cat parents’ question is what water temperature do felines prefer? Actually, it heavily depends on your cat’s preference and sometimes depends on the weather as well. In this article, you’ll learn more if your cat prefers his water to be warm or cold, as well as the underlying reasons behind it.

How to make your cat drink more

Here’s a few tricks to make your cat drink more fluit!

What water temperature do cats like?

Cats are known to have a finicky reputation, especially when it comes to their food and drink. Most of the time, cats like cold water but that does not apply to every single feline in the world. If your cat does not like cool water, then you will know it as his cat parent because you’ll notice that his water is barely touched. If that’s the case, you can try altering his water’s temperature, or consider changing his water bowl.

Most cats like their drink to be either lukewarm or cold. However, some felines also like to have a warm water supply daily. Kittens, on the other hand, may like their water to be a bit warmer since they want to associate all their drinks with their mother cat’s milk, but there are also some kittens that prefer cold drinks.

Having said that, not all cats are the same and they all have their own preferences when it comes to their daily supply of water.

Furthermore, there are some cats that fancy ice water so if your cat is like that, you can toss some ice cubes in his water as well as it a relatively safe thing to do. Some cats don’t even want to drink from their bowl and prefer to drink from other sources of running water like the faucet, shower, or cat fountain, where the water is cool.

Why a cat’s preference for water temperature varies

As a cat parent, you also need to take the weather into consideration. We humans like to drink cold beverages when it’s hot outside and prefer soup or coffee during winter months. Cats are like that as well.

That’s why as a cat owner, it’s important that you know your furry feline well and consider playing around with temperatures to keep him comfortable and safe all year round. If your kitty does not like lukewarm water today, then try making it a bit colder by putting ice cubes in his bowl or putting his drink in the refrigerator. 

Most cat owners are hesitant to give their cats ice cubes since they think their cat may choke on it. Actually, giving your cat ice cubes is very safe since cats don’t gulp and it’s also advised that you watch your cat while he’s drinking, licking, or playing with it. We also suggest that you don’t make too small ice cubes. 

Common questions about hot or cold water for cats

Do cats like ice in their water?

Some felines are very particular about the water they drink. There are other cats that like cold water. If your cat likes cold water, you can consider refrigerating his water first before giving it to him or drop some ice cubes to his bowl. Sometimes, all you need to encourage your cat to drink is to give him running water and a cat fountain might be a really good option. Aside from that, cat fountains produce cool water supply as well so your cat will surely like it.

Do cats need fresh water daily?

Yes, definitely! Just like humans, cats also need fresh and clean water daily to preserve overall healthy well-being. Water is very important to help keep your cat’s kidneys healthy. It also keeps his tissues and organs healthy and hydrated. Bear in mind that feline dehydration is very dangerous so make sure your cat is drinking enough water every day. If you think your cat doesn’t like the water you give him, consider the tips we have listed above by considering the water’s temperature as the primary focus.

Is water temperature always the problem if your cat is not drinking enough?

If your cat doesn’t drink enough amount of water daily, then it’s not direly related to the water’s temperature. Maybe all you need to do is to make sure that your cat’s water is replaced daily. Make sure to empty your cat’s fountain or water bowl and refill it every day as there can be dirt present in it. Make sure the water is always fresh because cats are really particular about their water’s freshness and it may affect their drinking habit.

So what’s the finish line?

As a cat parent, you will have to spend some time experimenting and figuring out what your cat’s preference for water temperature is.

Make sure to figure out what she likes and dislikes and you’ll get used to it eventually. Unfortunately, your cat can’t be able to talk to you about what he prefers so all you have to do is keep a close watch.

Cat drinking water

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