How to identify a Maine Coon kitten

How to identify a Maine Coon kitten

Newborn kittens are among the cutest things in the world. Cuddly and irresistible, who can say no to a purring kitten? However, if you’re keen on getting yourself a Maine Coon kitten, you have to be mindful of their distinct traits and personality.

Maine Coon or one of the many other breeds

Because there are many cat breeds available, identifying them from a litter is tricky, especially if you are not that knowledgeable about their distinct qualities. 

You notice this huge, energetic, sociable and a muscular well-proportioned body cat. Would those qualities be enough to determine if the cat is a Maine Coon? 

Huge cats with thick and shaggy fur are almost always mistaken as Maine Coons. While it is true that Maine Coons are the largest domestic cats, not all big-sized cats are of the same breed. 

Do you have a Maine Coon Mix?

Distinct physical features of Maine Coon kittens

  • Body Built. Maine Coons are born larger than any cat. Maine Coon kittens have strong built frames to support their elongated rectangular body shape. 
  • Tail. They are really proud of their very bushy, fluffy and big tails. Maine Coon kittens are kept warm and cozy with their  long shaggy hair. Their tails are usually neutral in a shade of brown with an overcoat of ringed black stripes.
  • Shaggy Coat. Maine Coon kittens have shaggy fur. Their thick fur is protective, with a satin-soft undercoat. Despite some fur and coat shedding, these kittens look like they are literally dressed for the winter. Their thick coat also helps them survive the harsh weather and help their large paws walk in the snow.
  • Eyes. Some people say that Maine Coon kittens’ eyes are kind of intimidating because they are large. Highly expressive, they could intimidate anyone by simply staring, making you think that they have secrets you don’t know about.
  • Ears. A Maine Coon kitten’s ears look very much like a bobcat’s. Built for warmth, its ears are heavily covered with fur and are similar to that of lynx’s with tufts to boot.

Maine Coon kittens and their personality

Maine Coons are a cheerful breed. Their personalities and behavior are telltale signs that will help you correctly identify if the kitten you’re eyeing is a purebred Maine Coon. 

Many professionals describe their personality as more similar to that of a canine rather than a feline. This also explains why they are referred to as the “dog of the cat world”. They tend to love human interaction, and are naturally loyal and faithful. 

Maine Coon kittens would love to go on an exercise with you. They feel happy as they play with a favorite toy. Maine Coons are also known to be intelligent and are good hunters. You’ll probably see a treat from your gate outside the house! 

Surefire ways to identify a Maine Coon kitten

  • Reach out to a professional cat breeder. A more technical way in making sure you’re getting a true Maine Coon kitten is to connect with a bonafide cat breeding association. In case you do not have access to any, speaking to a cat breeder will also give you the assurance that you’re paying the right price for the right breed.
  • Get a DNA test. This may sound ridiculous, but DNA testing to identify what breed of cat you are getting is becoming a trend. Through this process, you will know if your Maine Coon is indeed one. DNA tests will also confirm whether or not your Maine Coon kitten is purebred. It is worth noting, though, that this kind of test is only 90% accurate. 

Common questions about identifying a Maine Coon kitten

Do Maine Coon kittens sleep a lot?

Most Maine Coon kittens are kept indoors and sleep much more than people do. It is natural for cat owners to wonder if it is healthy for a cat to sleep that much. For Maine Coons, it is common. In fact, an average Maine Coon can sleep for 16 hours straight and you don’t have anything to worry about it. When awake, they release their energy while grooming themselves, stretch, scratch and explore. 

Are Maine Coon kittens bigger than normal kittens?

Yes, Maine Coon kittens are bigger than normal kittens. They are naturally larger than most kittens, and could even be bigger when compared to cats of smaller breed. Several studies show that a Maine Coon’s size is as “twice” as a normal cat. They may seem slower in developing than other breeds, but they grow faster in terms of size and weight. 

How do you raise a Maine Coon kitten?

Raising an animal is like raising a child. It requires utmost commitment and genuine concern. Maine Coons are not really high maintenance, but deserve all the love and care you can give. Just make sure they follow a proper diet by including chicken and fish. Keeping them well-hydrated and mobile also helps to make sure they are healthy. Maine Coons do not need to be given a bath every day, but only when necessary.

There is a reason why Maine Coon kittens are dubbed as ‘gentle giants’. Despite their size, they are loyal and affectionate like man’s best friends are. 

Their strong physical build is evident as early as their kitten stage, so spotting them does not take much hard work. If you happen to say yes to our identifying traits from above, then that lion-looking cuddler is a Maine Coon kitten.

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