What is the largest Maine coon cat?

What is the largest Maine Coon cat?

Do you ever wonder who holds the record for the world’s biggest cat? A Maine coon cat! The gentle giant of the world, with no doubts, is the world’s biggest cat. 

How big are the largest Maine Coon cats?

The biggest and largest Maine coon cats are Barivel, Stewie and Ludo. Measured they were 120 cm, 114 cm and 118 cm. The large type of cat that Maine coons are, typically come in the size 76 cm to 101 cm long. So the 3 largest cats were really big.

Maine coons are large cats

In today’s rule, the GWR no longer recognizes weight as a measurement for domesticated animals but instead in weight and height. Later, we will recognize more of the highlighted cats who are crowned by the Guinness World Records.

If you are familiar with the cat world, then you are probably aware that Maine coon cats are well known for being the largest domesticated breed. They typically reach 76-101cm or 30-40in long and stand up to 40cm. 

Can you imagine how big it is compared to a 23-25cm average cat? 

There are a lot of theories on the origins of Maine coon cats that answer why they are so big. Some of the theories are based on the fictional tale of a raccoon mating with Maine coon cat, which, in real life, is simply not possible. 

Though, other theories have a strong basis like Marie Antoinette sending her large pet cats over during the war. Those then mated with local cats and produced the large-bodied cat, Maine coon. 

Barivel: The Grande Gatto

He is definitely a sight that you will never quickly forget! Barivel, a Maine coon cat who lives in Italy, has held the title of longest domestic cat for almost a decade! When measured on May 22nd, 2018, he came at 120 cm or 3 ft and 11in. That’s the equivalent of seven iPads laid out in a row and longer than a baseball bat. 

Stewie: A gray tabby coon

Stewie, a gray Maine Coon with long hair, was awarded the Guinness Book of World Records title in 2010. His owner, Robin Hendrickson, got Stewie from a breeder in 2005. He then decided to join him for the record after a lot of friends were amazed by Stewie’s length.

When fully stretched out, he measured a remarkable 45in. Unfortunately, he passed away last February 2013 from cancer issues. He remained “The Longest Cat Stewie” in his fans’ hearts as he continued to inspire people especially kids. 

Ludo: The biggest cat

Meet Ludo. He is not the only biggest Maine coon in this world but also the biggest house cat. In the Guinness World Records last October 6th, 2015, Ludo measured 118.33cm or at least 3 ft and 10.59 inches! 

According to Kelsey, Ludo’s owner, the benefit of its impressive size is that she can always find him. He is surely the definition of a “gentle giant.” 

Common questions about the largest Maine coon cat

Why are Maine coon cats so big? 

Maine coon cats are big-boned domestic cats with very long hair, which only makes them look bigger than they already are. While there are tons of different theories why Maine coons are their size, nothing had ever been proven. However, there are quite a few factors explaining why they are so big. 

  • Genetics. Genetics plays a big role when we talk about the height and length of Maine coon cats because it depends on their parents. Then again, it should be noted that they cannot accurately get the size of their parents. 
  • Diet. Most owners think that just because their Maine coons are huge cats, they should be given loads of foods to maintain their size. This is an honest yet common mistake. All your Maine coon needs is a proper diet to stay healthy.
  • Exercise. Like humans, Maine coons need to exercise to keep their body and mind healthy. In fact, coons are energetic cats and naturally curious. They are great hunters and will probably love to play hunting games. 

Are Maine coon cats rare?

Maine coons as a breed have become more popular and are far from rare today. Maine coon cats have existed since the mid 19th, but it is starting to be a long time since it was a rare type of cat. There are even polls resulting in Maine coons being the most popular cat breed today.

They become more popular all over the world especially in the Western World and is no sign for them to ever become rare again.

Are Siberian cats bigger than Maine coons? 

Many people are confused about these cats, and it’s easy to see why. Because both are humongous in size, they could even appear to be totally identical. But the only way to know for sure is to check the cat’s pedigree. There may also be some visuals that show how Maine coons are really bigger than Siberian cats. 

The size of a Maine coon breed is around 7-12 kg, while Siberian male cats weigh between 5-8kg. This simply shows that a male coon breed is significantly bigger than Siberians which are usually referred to as medium-sized felines. 

No matter what size your Maine coons are, it does not change the fact that they bring a special joy to your home. Thanks to their naturally jolly and loyal personality. Despite not getting big enough to be on the Guinness World Record, they will always remain to be your very own soft and tender giants.

What is the largest Maine Coon cat?

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