Where should you put a cat’s litter box?

Where should you put a cat_s litter box

In a tiny apartment or small house, it can be really hard to find enough space for your things, let alone your cat’s litter box. However, bear in mind that it is important to get it right. Problems in using litter boxes are in fact one of the top behavioral concerns vets receive and cause people to give up their cats. The key is to make your very limited space work well for both of you – that means the litter boxes must be out of the way yet easy to access.

This is where you should put your cats litter box

You should put the litter box in a place where there is low traffic and it is quiet. Your cat wants his privacy while visiting the litter box. Most times a quiet corner in a not to used room like a bedroom will be a well placed litter box spot.

Things to consider before you chose a covered litter box.

Poor location choices of cat litter boxes

Respecting the privacy of your cat

Many cat owners think that their feline friends prefer to poop in a private place. Most of the time, these people view the situation from their human perspectives. And since they believe that cats prefer privacy, they always do things in their own perspectives. So, some cat owners tuck away the litter boxes behind bathroom doors, in shower stalls, cabinets, closets, and other places that are out of the way. These places might work for people, are not good for the cats, who are the ultimate users of the litter boxes.

From the perspective of cats, being safe while doing their business is more vital than privacy. This is why boxes placed in cabinets, closets, behind couches, small rooms, and around corners are setups for ambush since cats can be trapped easily. 

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Keeping cat litter box foul odor at bay

In enclosed areas, the odor is also a problem. Cats aren’t the only ones who find it difficult to escape – odors do too. Closets, cabinets, as well as other small rooms, can retain smell. Even though people might not smell the odors of the boxes, your cats do. In fact, they have a heightened sense of smell and if an area smells offensive, your cat may avoid going to his litter box.

Considering aesthetics first

Sometimes, litter boxes are being hidden from view so that family and friends don’t smell or see them. Oftentimes, they are placed in remote areas like attics, garages, and basements. Even though cats do their best, there are some that just cannot make it to their litter boxes in time. It’s true for elderly cats, kittens, and those physically impaired cats.

Considering human convenience first

There are some cat owners who place all the boxes together in one room – usually near each other. For cats, this is just the same as having only one box. For some reason, if the room where the litter boxes are placed doesn’t feel safe, cats usually find other areas to poop or pee. 

Aside from that, litter boxes shouldn’t be put next to your cat’s food bowl. If your cat has a choice, he won’t eat next to his bathroom. Another very common mistake cat owners do is placing the litter boxes in noisy and high traffic areas, like places where other animals and people have to walk often.

Bear in mind that if you’re a cat owner, you should avoid placing your cat’s litter box in these places as it can only cause litter box issues. You should also note that not all elimination challenges are considered behavioral. Since serious and painful medical issues can cause felines to accidentally eliminate outside their litter boxes, cats who do must always be thoroughly examined first by the vet. 


Common questions about where a cat litter box should be put

Is it ok to move a cat’s litter box?

Since cats are sensitive to environmental changes, it’s very important to avoid changing the location of their litter boxes unless necessary. If there’s really a need for you to transfer the litter box, try doing it slowly. Simply move your cat’s box a few inches every day toward the new room until it’s in the area you’d like for it to be.

Where should you put a litter box?

A good location to put the litter box of your cat is in your bathroom, as long as the door is always open when no one is using it so your cat can access it easily. Many cat owners place the litter box under the sink, between the tub and toilet, or next to the toilet.

How far should cat food be from the litter box?

If at all possible, the general rule is to never place the food bowl and litter box in the same room. Having said that, if you are short on space and need to put them in the same room, make sure to place the food bowl in one corner of the vicinity and set the litter box in the corner that is the farthest away from the food bowl.


Always remember to place the litter box of your feline companion in a safe place that can be quickly and easily reached by him. Even though you may want the litter box to be out of smell and sight, it is very important that it is highly accessible to your furry pal. The most ideal place for your cat’s litter box is a low-traffic, quiet and clean area where your cat can feel the privacy when he’s doing his business.

Where should you put a cat_s litter box

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