Do Maine Coons like water?

Do Maine coons like water?

Although not every kitten hates water, certain breeds love to swim, though. Maine coons, in particular, has a natural love for water.

Maine Coons are not like most other cats when it comes to water

A feline spends nearly half of the day grooming themselves, it is quite understandable how they wouldn’t enjoy that you would ruin their hard work. But, are Maine coons an exception?

Maine Coons cats are known for enjoying and playing in the water which makes them a special kind of cat breed. Maine Coons are fascinated by water in almost any form. It is not uncommon to see you Maine Coon play with its water bowl.

There are other cat breeds that seem to share Maine coons’ love of water. 

  • Savannah
  • Manx 
  • Turkish Angora
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Turkish Van
  • Abyssinian
  • Bengal
  • Snow shoe

It is interesting how other cat breeds love the water. However, there’s always an exception. It is also possible for us to encounter a Maine coon who is scared to swim or take a bath. 

While it may be hard to process why cats like Maine coons love water, there are some theories and stories that could partially explain why the Maine coons seem to have inherited their fancy for water. 

Do you know? Is my cat a Maine Coon mix?

Maine coon myths on water fascination

Maine coon is a descendant of Turkish Angora. 

In one story, Marie Antoinette had six beautiful cats and Turkish Angora was her favorite pet. She was preparing the boat before she was executed and captured during the French Revolution. While escaping, she loaded her six beloved cats onto a ship bound to North America. 

Marie Antoinette never made it to the new world but her Turkish Angoras did. This story suggests that Maine coons are descendants of these royal cats. 

Lake Van, a place where Turkish Angoras and Turkish Vans both evolved, is where it would have been good for the cats to swim and catch fish. This could be the reason why cats love to enjoy water so much. 

Maine coon evolved from a shared ancestor, Norwegian Forest Cat. 

Meanwhile, this story suggests that Maine coons and Norwegian forest cats have shared ancestors.

Vikings, famous for their journeys across the ocean on huge boats, kept Norwegian forest cats. The cats are good mouse catchers and are capable of surviving in cold wet, Northern climates. They also have the ability to swim which is great for keeping them as ship cats. 

It is common knowledge that both Norwegian forest cats and Maine coons have a thick and liquid-resistant coat that keeps them warm in freezing temperatures. Both are also dressed for the harsh winter winds, thanks to their tails that wrap around their faces and kitty toes. 

Norwegian Forest Cats are good hunters and love to catch fish in streams or lakes. This could be an explanation of why cats like to play and dig in water.

Maine coon’s instinct can play a big role in their tendency to play in water. 

Part of a Maine coon’s instinct is to splash or swirl the water in their water bowl to check their freshness. Can you believe that this cat knows how to distinguish fresh and stagnant water? 

They know that water can develop bacteria that could make them sick. Their instincts are telling them to check it out first! 

Pros and cons of Maine coons’ love of water


  • Grooming is easier without getting scratched and injured from their sharp claws. 
  • They are far less violent to being put in the water than other felines. 


  • Maine coons wouldn’t hesitate to splash the water all over the floor while they dig and tip on their water bowls.
  • It is tiring for an owner to walk cats with their wet feet.
  • As these cats grow bigger, they create a bigger mess. 

There are ways to keep them from splashing water all over your house, they need to be kept busy playing and keep them focused on other toys. Or much better, you exercise with your Maine coon! 

Common questions about Maine coons and their love of water

Do Maine coons drink a lot of water?

Owning a Maine coon means you always have to give them fresh clean water because they do drink a lot of water. You might notice that your Maine coon can sit down in front of her water bowl and drink for ages. Make sure to watch out for their funny habit of drinking from their paws. 

Do Maine coons need to take a bath? 

You might think that because a Maine coon loves water, they always need to bathe! On the contrary, they don’t. They don’t need to bathe every day. However, they’ll need it at least once a month to help control the shedding and keep his coat clean. 

Do Maine coons purr? 

They do! A purr is a low vibratory murmur typical of an apparently contented or pleased cat. They are quite vocal and can communicate with humans in many ways. Purring is one of them. You can hear them meowing at the same time purring. 

With their natural love of water, Maine coons are even more adorable and unique. Just so you know, their scoop paws make them efficient swimmers! No wonder, these coons are among the most loved cat breeds in the world.

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