Top 10 most protective cat breeds

top 10 most protective

Although dogs may be man’s best friend, cats can be just as protective of humans as their canine counterparts. According to experts, cats can establish close bonds and become protective of their owners just like dogs do. Even though cats may not be as obvious about it, they can certainly get pretty attached to their owners.


The Manx is a tailless feline that originated from the Isle of Man. The rare gene responsible for the tailless feature of the breed is caused by a mutation that occurred hundreds of years ago. The kittens are born without the vertebrae that cats with long tails have. Some may still have a complete tail, however, and it is likely to have a litter of kittens with differing tail lengths or no tail at all.

The breed loves to play fetch and hide-and-seek and will come when called or whistled at. The Manx is highly intelligent and loyal to its owner. The breed is also a good “watch cat” and will eagerly protect the family from any danger, whether real or not. They are protective of their territory and will defend it against any intruder, regardless of size.

  • Intelligent and loyal
  • A good “watch cat”
  • Eagerly protects family from danger, whether real or not
  • Protective of its territory
  • Will defend against any intruder, regardless of size


For those in search of a lap cat who will eagerly curl up beside you on the couch, the Abyssinian is the ideal feline companion. The breed also loves to move around and explore the world. If you cannot find this feline on the floor, you should check higher areas.

The breed is easy to train, loves to play in the water and is willing to learn commands and tricks. Generally, the Abyssinian is sociable, curious and highly intelligent. It craves attention and can be leash trained. The breed will follow their owners around the house and always be present just in case they are needed.

  • Follows owners around house
  • Is always present if needed
  • Easy to train and teach commands and tricks
  • Loves to perch up high and keep a look out
  • Sociable, curious and highly intelligent


The Burmese boasts the same dog-like traits as the Manx and Abyssinian. The breed is sociable, playful, talkative, outgoing, loves to cuddle and establishes close bonds with their owner.

As a highly intelligent breed, it can be described as being thoughtful. It will sit and wait patiently like a dog when food is being prepared. The Burmese are devoted to their owners and can become dependent.

  • Devoted and dependent on owners
  • Sociable, playful, talkative and outgoing
  • Established close bonds with owners
  • Loves to cuddle
  • Sits and waits patiently

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau establishes a close bond with its family, but can be wary of strangers. The breed is usually shy and afraid, rather than angry. The aggression that you might see from this breed is protective.

When someone impinges on the things or “property” of the Egyptian Mau, it will respond by hissing, growling, or even grabbing the hand of those who try to touch its food or toys.

  • Forms a close bond with family
  • Wary of strangers
  • Can get aggressive if it feels protective of its food or toys
  • Responds to threats by hissing and growling
  • May even grab the hands of the threatening person


The Cymric is the ideal feline for a family eager to welcome a loyal companion. The breed is very protective of their homes and owners where some might growl or even attack at the slightest sound of trouble.

The breed is also energetic, playful and intelligent. The Cymric can open doors but tends to respect the boundaries that their owners set. It mingles well with children if it was exposed to them early as a kitten. Older cats might not get along with children who don’t respect their personal space.

  • Protective of its home and family
  • May growl or attack at the sound of trouble
  • Energetic, playful and intelligent
  • Gets along with children if exposed to them as a kitten
  • Older cats may not like children who don’t respect their personal space


The Korat is defined by its smooth silver hair and large eyes. The breed dislikes loud, sudden noises and can be unpleasant and scared when near children. In most cases, once the breed sees children, it becomes very passive. They seem to appear unfriendly but they are simply scared.

When it feels in danger, the Korat can hiss or growl as a way to defend their territory which can be mistaken for aggression.

  • Dislikes loud, sudden noises
  • Gets scared and passive around children
  • May miss or growl to defend their territory
  • They usually act in fear, not because of aggression


The Bengal is a hybrid of the Asian leopard and a domestic cat. The breed is both sociable and alert with people. Sooner or later, it will get accustomed to the owners and even become affectionate. Sadly, they can be very unfriendly to strangers. However, Bengals are only aggressive when they feel scared or threatened. This causes them to hiss and their fur to raise on end.

  • Sociable and affectionate to owners
  • Unfriendly to strangers
  • Acts aggressive when scared
  • Hisses and raises fur on end when threatened

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is an intelligent, fun and affectionate feline companion. The breed can do well in households with children and other pets. It is also an ideal companion for elderly owners.

The breed is energetic, loving and adaptable. The Turkish Angora often displays dog-like behavior since they love to play and do well with other animals. The breed is protective of loved ones, but still friendly and will eagerly greet strangers. Additionally, it can readily adapt to different environments.

  • Protective of loved ones
  • Friendly and loving
  • Fun, energetic and loves to play
  • Affectionate and intelligent
  • Good at adapting to new situations


The Ragdoll loves to be carried around and eagerly flops like a doll into your arms when cuddled. With its quiet, loving, and laidback demeanor, the breed is a great addition to any family with children or other animals.

As the ideal family companion, the Ragdoll is affectionate, gentle, relaxed and even-tempered. The breed loves to play with children and cuddle. The males are mostly loving while the females can be more selective of who they want attention from.

  • Loves to be carried around and cuddle
  • Ideal family companion and good with children
  • Quiet, gentle and laidback
  • Affectionate and loving
  • Males are friendly, females are more selective

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon loves to follow their owners around the house. The breed tends to be very relaxed and does well in households with children or other pets. It is one of the largest cat breeds and often has a dog-like persona.

The breed is playful, friendly and highly intelligent. It enjoys playing fetch with its owners. Since they love to follow their owners around, they are eager to be part of whatever is happening. Although Maine Coons don’t often vocalize in the traditional sense, they love to chat and often make distinct trilling or chirping sounds to communicate with their owners.

  • Loyal and relaxed
  • Loves to follow owners around the house
  • Has a dog-like persona
  • Playful, friendly and highly intelligent
  • Eager to be a part of whatever is happening

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