How do I know if my cat is a Bombay?

How do I know if my cat is a Bombay?

Bombay cats are domestic house cats that look like a small panther and resemble the Indian black leopard. When identifying this kind of cat, you need to look first for their striking black fur, muscular build, and copper eyes. Bombays also have clingy personalities and love warm places.

To tell if your cat is a Bombay, let’s assess their attributes and characteristics. Here’s the checklist that will help you identify Bombay cat.

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Physical characteristics of a Bombay cat

New penny eyes

They have big round eyes and are incredibly striking. Their eyes are called new penny eyes because of their gold to copper coloring.

Shiny black coat

Bombay cats’ whole bodies are a deep black color. This includes their fur, paw pads, and nose. They have a shiny black coat, which gives them the nickname “the patent leather kid” because they look like they’re made of shiny new leather. The kittens are born with light tabby stripes, but they disappear as the kitten gets older.

Rounded appearance

Bombay cats have rounded edges. They have rounded heads with a short nose and their eyes, ears, feet, and tails are also rounded.

Muscular build

Bombay cats weigh from 8 to 12 pounds. They are big-boned and muscular, but have a compact body. They are strongly built cats and tend to feel heavier than they appear.

Swishing, Swaying walk

Bombay cats generally walk in a certain distinctive way. They walk like a panther by swishing and swaying their bodies and tails.

Bombay cats: personality and behavior

Paying attention to their personality and behavior will also help you figure out if your cat is a Bombay. In addition to their physical characteristics, you’ll need to learn their behavioral attributes to confirm if your cat really is a Bombay.

Sociable and easygoing

Bombay cats are very affectionate and can be cuddly lap cats. They are extroverted and outgoing. They have no fear of meeting new people and being in different places. Bombays also do well with other pets.

Hate to be left alone

Bombays hate to be left alone for a long time. They quickly feel lonely and depressed when they are left at home alone for too long. This feeling can lead to destructive behavior, so to avoid this, you’ll need to leave plenty of toys around for your cat when you’re gone.


Bombay cats can be very vocal and they will hold conversations with you. Although they like to talk often, they aren’t very loud.


Bombay cats are highly intelligent. There are chances that they will learn things even if you don’t specifically teach them how to do something. They’ll just figure out how to do things on their own. Bombays may even figure out how to open your doors or get the treats you’ve hidden.

Bombay cats love to engage in games of fetch, puzzles, and other fun cat toys. They can also be successfully trained to perform tricks.


Bombay cats are habitual heat-seekers. They like warm places, so you might find your cat curling up on a sunny window ledge for warmth or in your warm lap.

A bossy streak

Even though they are sociable and easygoing, they like to be in charge and prefer to rule the roost.

They like “burrowing”

If you love to cuddle your pet when you sleep, Bombays are a perfect choice. They love cuddling up in your bed and it’s normal for them to nest underneath the covers of your bed. 

More facts about Bombay cats

  • Bombay cats are not a natural cat breed. They were created intentionally by Nikii Horner. 
  • These cats look similar to a Burmese, but the curves of their bodies are like American shorthairs.
  • Bombay cats are bred from Burmese cats and American Shorthairs or European Shorthairs.
  • Bombay cats stare a lot, which some people might find uncomfortable. They stare a lot because they are curious and studying something, observing, and learning more about it.
  • Bombay cats can quickly adjust to other house pets.
  • Sometimes Bombays show dog-like behavior. They will follow you and will rush when they hear you.

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Common questions about Bombay cats

Do Bombays require much grooming?

Bombay cats are a low maintenance cat because they don’t need much grooming. They don’t require much attention beyond a weekly brushing because their coat is shiny, short, black, and dense. An occasional bath and brushing will be enough.

Do Bombay cats meow a lot?

Bombay cats are friendly and affectionate. They are tolerant, playful, and outgoing. They hate being alone and not getting attention. Bombay cats are known to be vocal and love to talk with their owners. And they cry and meow more than other cats, especially when they want attention.

Do Bombay cat get along with other pets?

Bombay cats are tolerant. They can easily adjust to other pets around them. If you want to get a dog, you can go ahead and get a dog or another cat because your Bombay can quickly get along with them because of its friendly, pleasant, and outgoing personality.

Final thoughts

Now you can quickly identify if your cat is a Bombay, even from a mile away. Bombays are all-round beauties. You may think that Bombay cats are unlucky since they’re all black, but this isn’t true. You’ll actually be lucky to have a Bombay cat in your home because they are loving and can relieve your stress. You’ll never feel alone or lonely with them.

How do I know if my cat is a Bombay?

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